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Crafting recipe, at level 650. The product turns a regular job into a gold bonus job.

Current Workaround
Currently, to find a gold job, a player must wait until one appears, checking frequently if motivated to do so, or more likely, stumbling upon one.

A new recipe would become available, possibly “Create an Enhanced Job Site.” This would be a crafting level 650 recipe available to all crafts, using a crafted product from each craft discipline (some current products may need to become sellable). It would be a sellable product. I think it should require: 20 fools gold, 5 pyrite discs, 5 blacksmith ornaments, 5 saddler ornaments, and 5 jugs of water. A player would travel to a job site and use the product. The job site would then turn into a Gold Bonus site. The bonus would last half of the duration of jobs already in place for the current gold bonuses. Other players could enjoy the bonus if the player who uses the buff tells them, or if they discover it themselves.

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids
This would be for Tonic Peddler. Other crafts would also have one, possibly with slightly different names to avoid confusion.

Product is ring from “The Myth” quest, painted gold.

I think this would be a desirable addition both for crafters that have reached lvl 600 as well as players seeking products and/or increased job rewards.

Colonel Sanderss

Great idea, isn't it? Despite I'd rather change "Enhance a Job Site" name to something else.


The voting process for this idea has ended. Since the approval rating is above 80%, the idea will be sent to developers. Congratulations.

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