Construction Ranking Experience


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In the same way that the Duel ranking shows the EXP a player has gained in duels, the Construction ranking should show the EXP a player has gained while building.

Current Workaround
Currently, the construction ranking features your building points, your travel fair building points and the number of times you increased a building's level while building.
While the duel ranking features exp gained while duelling as well.

As building has become the main source of exp, this stat should be included and made important in the ranking
The only con I can think of is the exp reward for building being random

Abuse Prevention
Since construction points are the most important feature for ranking up your Construction rank, a player can build a town from scratch then abandon it and repeat infinite times to maximize construction points gain.
This idea would make Experience gained an important feature for ranking up aswell, so it wouldn't be as easy for players to build and abandon for ranking up.

Visual Aids
no need ?

explained already xd let me know what you think

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