Snor Neel

New Member
Hi everyone!

I've played this game a long time ago, and returned out of nostalgia. Back in the day, there was the habit of "hopping" towns to buy gear at a normal price, not the highly inflated outsider prices. Now I'd like to buy gear at normal prices to start building my sets, but if I have to pay 4x everything, it's going to take a while.

With auctions I see there's more options now, but I also see this game has become quite dead. What's the usual way of gathering gear these days? Or is there no "standard" way of doing things and is eveyrone left oldtimers with all gear packed already?

In any case: tips or pointers on how to move forward are defo welcome. Looking forward to enjoying this game again for a while.

Off-topic; Are fort battles still a thing, or are they dead? I chose soldie and went full on leadership, but that may not have been the most sound choice if they are no longer live :(