Advent Calendar 7. Game


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We are here again with yet another game! It is the 7th game, hope you're prepared!


Spot the mistake!

On the image are 3 visual bugs compared to the actual in-game graphics. Spot at least 2 mistakes and enumerate them.

In order for your answer to be valid you can enumerate up to 3 possible mistakes, from which you can have one incorrect. In case of enumerating more than 3 mistakes, the answer is invalid.


Useful information:

  • Deadline: 2021-12-08 at 23:59 CET (server time)
  • You can sumbit your contest entry by sending a comment in this thread!
  • The answers will only be visible to you and the moderator team. The answers cannot be edited.
  • For more information about the contest and rewards please check our announcement: Advent Calendar 2021

Good luck!

Your The West Team


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1. there is no work icon above the stagecoach
2. ghost town doesnt look like that
3. the sign is wrong


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Ghost town doesn't have a church
the sign doesn't point to any direction
the road near with carriage is too round


1) there's no hammer on top of the wagon
2) the road should be straight not with that weird curve.
3) the road sign is not like the ones in game.


The church is missing in the ghost town, there is no work sign (hammer) above the wagon and there is a strange bent in the road near the wagon


since i can't make a screenshot right now, i'll answer like this.

1. the shadow is missing from the small signpost

2. at the carriage where you can find the work the little hammer is missing which shows which work is hidden there

3. the church at the ghost town is missing

Colin Morrigen

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1) The ghost town has no church
2) The wooden sign at the crossing casts no shadow on the ground
3) The bridges have too many bars in their railings (should be 3 bars)


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the church and graveyard are missing from the ghost town.
there's just one sign on the sign post instead of two.
in real game the sign post casts a shadow.


1. The road sign in the center does not have a shade
2. There is no hammer above the carriage that indicates the jobs that can be done


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1. The Church on the Ghost town is missing.
2. There's an extra road behind the town.
3. The job symbol above the wagon is missing.

Chris Twoshots

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1) The marker of the job location showing the jobs is missing.
2) The joint between the two road parts over the job location is faulty and not to the standard of the map designers.
3) The finish of the mountain doesn't seem quite right.
Chris Twoshots
Dakota world

magwai the akeoj

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This was a tough one, but I found the location on a normal map in order to answer this questions...there are several things missing.

1. The church is missing from this ghost town
2. There is no shadow on the little tiny sign post at the turn of the road
3. There is no job icon above the "job" where you would do "repairing a covered wagon".


on Juarez, there is no possibility to build a town at this location.

Harriet Oleson

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- In the ghost town image, the white building to the left (I think it's the church + cimetery) is missing.
- The shadow of the information sign (at the crossroads between the 2 bridges) is missing
- And I think there's a problem with the road next to the wagon, at the intersection : instead of being straigh, first it's curved, and straight only after this.