Advent Calendar 7. Game


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The town is missing the Church.
The sign doesn't have a shadow.
The road north of the wagon isn't straight.



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1) The ghost town's church is missing.
2) There are two extra buildings in the ghost town's NE section.
3) The horses are in the wrong corner of the ghost town.

-Caerdwyn (Fairbanks)


- Church of ghost town is missing.
- Road above labor takes a weird turn.
- No labor sign at the labor image.


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There's no church in ghost town
Road sign differs from actual in-game graphics road sign
No job label on the wagon


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1- The ghost town lacks a church
2- The 3 horses at the end of the road leading to the ghost town must be where the church's graveyard would be in a normal town (i.e. NW of the ghost town) instead of where they are now (SW)


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There are no handrails on bridges. The bridges in game are just the flat planks.
There should be a hammer over the job site (Repairing a Covered Wagon)


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No Well in the middle of a ghosts town.
No Sign post on farm Tracks.
No Uncoverd wagon for job in game only coverd wagon.

Dr Roth

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
1 the signpost doesnt have a shadow
2 there is no church in the town


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1. Buildings are missing/different in the town.
2. The well is missing in the town.
3. The cattle by the town are in a different position.

Take It Easy

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1) The road sign has no shadow.

2) There is no hammer symbol on the wagon indicating that works can be done there.

3) The ghost town has no church.


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1) The shadow of the signpost by the crossroad is missing
2) The church building is missing in the ghost town. (As the church is prebuild at level 1 when starting a town, there should be a building for it in the abandonned town, no matter how much the town was or was not built. )