Advent Calendar 24. Game


Made a Merry Christmas! Money Transfer in world Las Vegas en27 to emer haze of $1000 + $53 fee = $1053 in total - date 25 Dec 21 at 12:07pm

And Merry Christmas to you all from Myrdin!


The West Team
Community Manager
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The evaluation of the last game is complete.

Winner of a Ibenezer Grinch's chest
Winner of Christmas package
Winner of 100 Bonds
Winner of 50 Nuggets
Congratulations to the winners, please write a ticket on which world you want to get the prize. When sending the ticket, please ensure that you state the world on which you would like the prizes as well as the number of the game in which you have won.

  • 1 x Medals bag
  • 1 x Fortune cookie
  • 1 x Choose any Mega Christmas Bag from 2013-2021
    • Note: If you want the Mega Christmas Bag from 2021 you have to wait until the Christmas sale starts.
  • 3 x Choose any buff from the following list:
    (you may choose more from the same type of item)
    • Plum cake
    • Candy canes
    • Christmas pudding
    • Eggnog
    • Yule log
    • Christmas butter cookies cutouts
    • Roseberry-orange Thumbprint
    • Christmas gingerbread
Disclaimer: You will receive every item separately to your inventory!
Your The West Team

Alice Kingsleigh

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With a little delay...
I wanted to say thank you for these nice little games and the time you spent on them to entertain us as well as to distribute all our nice gifts.
I finally made my last tickets before it's too late ^^