1. Disallow small towns w/ no alliance from digging battles

    First of all, thank you for making the effort to reduce spam fort battles. But I think we're still missing one key factor that causes spam battles and ruins the interest of many players from fort fights, also reducing active numbers. There are often cases where players in small towns, which...
  2. WhyN0t

    New for formula and balancing the fort bonus of the characters

    Now that the update with level 250 and some new jobs will most likely be introduced next week, which will bring absolutely no improvement or change to any form of PvP, but, instead, will make your current problems worse, I think it's time for a change, what do you say? @Goober Pyle You're the...
  3. Goober Pyle

    2022 Awesomia battle initiative

    Greetings Fort Fighters! Watch this space for news on when Henry is trekking to Awesomia on your world, what incentives are in store, and when an attack prevails and the towers/walls get upgraded. Please direct any discussion about these battles here...
  4. 0 xp bug for fort battle ?

    hi, yesterday i was participating in a fort battle on world colorado. i stayed alive for like 30 rounds ( 4 rounds online ). yes, i did 0 dmg as i missed every shot i fired, but still i get hit for over 2000 dmg and well, i was part in a fort battle but i received 0 xp for this fort battle. may...
  5. My contest entry - Game 3

    Howdy!!! Hope you like them, i had a lot of fun creating them, especially the first one. :lol::lovetw: