Writing Contest Sept 11 - Sept 18th Submissions

Which poem is your favorite?

  • Lousy Limerick

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • Paradoxical Dilemma

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Black Rose

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • The Break Up

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Seasons

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • As she lies sleeping

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • Dementia

    Votes: 9 34.6%

  • Total voters


Theme: None

Content: Write a poem. Can be about anything at all, any style.

Rules: (subject to change)

  1. One submission per forum member
  2. Must have a title. The title will appear in the voting poll.
  3. No links in your poem
  4. Once submitted you have one hour to edit your story. Poems edited after this time frame will be deleted.
  5. All forum rules apply. Any submissions that break the rules will be deleted. No exceptions.
Submissions: Contest runs from September 11 - September 18th. You may post your submissions in this thread through September 18th. Late submissions will not be admissible. If you wish to submit your poem anonymously you may do so by sending the poem to me by pm on the forum.

Winners: A winner will be determined by forum members through voting poll. The poll will run for one week (September 19th - September 26th).

Wining poem will be posted in 'The Broken Saddle', The West.net's official newspaper. I'm going to award a 'badge' for the winner of this contest.

This thread is for submissions only.
Anything else will be deleted and/or infracted.
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Artemis Gordon

Lousy Limerick

Lousy Limerick

A young dueler came to the West
Wanting to prove he was best
He hit the wrong town
They hunted him down
And soon he was laid to rest


Paradoxical Dilemma

A murderer I am and wish to flee,
From shamed guilt and grave horror I shall run,
Into the hands of the prophetic three,
Warning no escape from what has begun;

The blood saturates the beautiful sheets,
Daggers in hand and nosy ears next door,
To quench a hunger I cannot defeat,
This foul business my mind can take no more;

Hush! Fear nothing, for I am the great King,
Obstacles that defy will meet their ends,
Glory to the new kingdom I shall bring,
Even if I shall devastate my friends;

Enemies will awake and come to hate,
But nothing will pass through my castle gate.

(Wrote this for school last year. For anyone who knows Shakespeare, you know what this poem is about)
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Black Rose

In cold night, I see Moon shinning
Above river of my warm memories,
Bird chirp yet still chimes
In my head full of anxiety...

In dark garden you bloomed
Where none light ever entered,
In dark night I've seen nothing
And at your thorns I stumbled and fell...

All the roses that bloomed
Are nothing compared to you,
All the cold storms that blow
Can't congeal me to death

Cause I m burning for your love...

David Schofield

The Break Up.

You say that it is me that makes you shake with Fright.
Our love was not long lived, as I am no longer your Knight.
I held up your world with my Might
But when you left my Sight
And left me alone in the Night
I decided to make things Right.

An eye for an eye, and a heart for a heart.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Golden Rack?
I took it Back.

Red Dress?
I made it a mess.

My last gift to you, is new:

We're over.
The Mile has been walked.
The Curtains pulled.
The sun drowned.
and the Ladder climbed.

Get out of my life.

I followed your commands.
I loved you as mine.
I thought of you as fine.
I helped you dine.
I made it all shine.

No More!

Now, get the hell out.
Don't even give me a pout.
I have no energy left to shout.
You are something I can live without.
And don't let the door hit you on the way out.

For Melanie.


Through the forest
Wind flowing through my hair
This is autumn

Not sure if autumn has 2 or 3 syllables or if hair has 1 or 2


As she lies sleeping

She is your image.
Singing the same song of beauty and grace,
that fringe that defies all gravities rules,
eyes that contain the world and search for more.
Lips stolen from a million fantasies
and a nose so divine that only nature itself can give.

In repose, she represents nothing less
than an angels ambitions. Quiescent,pure, untroubled
by mortal fears and trepidations.
When active, she possesses that eternal
innocent tranquility that only Gods own annointed
can hope to attain. And the curiosity that comes with
understanding far above mere knowledge.

No pain or mistreatment could ever dare
to visit her with impunity.
No sorrow could ever diminish her.
No man fail to love her,
no woman wish her harm.

She is your image.
You are her future.



We argue not whose life it is,
We simply take and reach for more.

Is there more?
Who can tell?

For we, the battered souls,
Trapped within the raging fires of our entrusted hell,
Stand within our tattered shell.

Can you not tell?

A being bereft of life and reason.
A wanton wench in our minds own treason.
How can you see the battles that rage,
Within the mind of our old age?

Nothing here, nowhere do we,
Find a single form we know.
Nothing here, we do fear,
That is gone, no more.

Memories, not long ours,
Yet many years gone.
We try to run, but cannot find,
The legs to carry on.

Silent again, we look above,
We look around to see.
In the hope of what?
To be free?

It may be, but how can we,
How can I, truly see?
For, in the end, we are not,
I am not, truly free.

My spirit is --- so empty.


Voting poll is now up and will close on the 26th. Cast your vote for your favorite poem. Winners poem will be printed in The Broken Saddle.

James the Hunter

I vote for Dave. Dementia is a very good poem, but I do this to honor my good friend.


Looks like Hellstromm is the winner. Sorry I was away. My modem died. Anyways, congrats Hellstromm. I'm gonna try to sneak your entry into the Broken Saddle coming out in a couple of days.


I really liked your limerick Artemis. I thought you were going to win when I read it.

Artemis Gordon

Thanks, there was some pretty tough competition. Who would have thought that there could be so much talent coming from a bunch of goof-offs? :nowink:


lol, thanks for the win, although I cheated since I was pulling from personal experience. :p

Artemis Gordon

I suspected as much! :p Glad you could remember enough to put it on here.


Well Gem is on vacation so it looks like no poem will be in the paper until the 3rd edition.