Would a discord server be a good idea?

Sam Dalton

New Member
Howdy, Sam Dalton here, been playing the game for well over a decade, had my grievances with it in regards to how the game is transforming more and more into a cash grab than a game, but that's besides the point, my main issue with it was the dwindling player base and the reason why I quit in the first place. I decided to have a quick trip down the memory lane, and you know what? This game is still great! Problem is, it is dying and the only manner to which Inno is keeping the game alive is through artificial means like new worlds and new sets of items.

Here's what I'm thinking, how about a discord server? Discord is a social platform geared towards gamers particularly popular among young millennials and zoomers. Free advertisement is possible by putting the server up on Disboard. People would stumble upon it everyday and that would be a potential new player base that it will be a shame not to take advantage of and introduce them to the game. It can also dub as support and help for new players, especially those who are unfamiliar with the fan made sites or the forum. Discord also has voice support, so that may be a new interesting dimension to fort battles, though of course not necessary.

I already took the liberty and created a test server. I can pass Administrator and Moderator to players who are interested, I'm thinking of staff and trustful veterans.
What do you guys think?
Anyone interested?
I'd post an invite link, but not sure if I have the right.