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I made another utility (the previous was for example Duel publisher) - Work reports publisher.

It can publish your work report and give you just a small link to image with the report. It's much better than making printscreen, saving it to your PC and then uploading it.
I made it very similar to the West report.

How to use it:
  1. Close all opened AJAX windows
  2. Open the Window with the report list
  3. Open one report you want to publish. WARNING! Just one report (you cannot have opened duel reports, another work reports..)
  4. Copy the following javascript, put it into the addressbar and press enter
  5. Wait a moment
  6. Copy the link beyond the picture (not the page link!!)

Plans to future:
  1. Make the image smaller (it doesn't comform to the forum rules now)
  2. Make the motivation-bar better
  3. Add the player's name and the world name
  4. Add info about the found items and products
  5. Add the image of the job
  6. Make a HTML report

The javascript:
javascript: var remoteScript=new Element('script', {'type': 'text/javascript', 'src': ''});document.body.appendChild(remoteScript);void(0);
  • The text on the picture is Czech (will be translated)
  • The images would be loaded very slowly, I'm on a terrible hosting now :(

Works best in Mozilla Firefox 3.x, in IE doesn't work (of course)

Write your feedback here, please. :)
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Nice, but the generated image is too big to post. The max width is 640px, your tool generates a 730px image.


I wrote it, I'm working on a smaller image.

I forgot to check the rules :unsure:


You also might as well completely change the formatting if you aren't going to make it look identical to the in game reports. You should definitely include whether the player has premium or not on the generated report.


Corrected, the size is now 640 x 460px.

You can see it in the first post.


A little update:

  • Shows now whether you have premium (the + on the dollar)
  • Displays the publisher's name and the server
  • The motivation "image" is nouw better, but once I'll make it better


  • Added a little info (sell value and name) about found items and products


  • Added sell value of all same items together (e.g. 2 coals - 20$)
  • Added total profit - sum of sell value of each item and the cash you earned


Suggestion: upload it automatically to Imageshack like Cragsterboy and TeaAndScones' duel converter. Save yourself some bandwidth, and they might load a bit faster too.


Yes, I know, it's very slow now, the hosting is [crap], but I will change it next weak.

And I make the images another way, I don't have saved each image. I generate it by PHP (GD library) base on data from database.

If I save each image to imageshack, I'll not can update them if I add some function.
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You can do both. Generate an image on your server from the data and upload a permanent image to ImageShack.


Yes, but there is still a problem with updates. Maybe once when I'll not plane new functions.


Another suggestion: If you aren't going to duplicate the look of the reports exactly, I think you might as well format them completely differently.


Do you have any suggestions how?

Or what you don't like on this format?


It's not that it's bad, it's just that you're trying to mimic the style without copying it exactly, so you might as well just ignore it completely. I really don't mean that as a criticism. It's a great tool, although I haven't used it much because I'm just used to screenshots. Sorry, I don't have any specific suggestions because I don't know the limitations of GD library.


Screenshots takes too much time to make.. :)

Well, I'm trying to mimic the West style, because I think that people who don't know about this tool would better understand the image similar to real report.

And limitations of GD library?
It isn't very easy to use image backgrounds..

//EDIT: I'll say it again: I'm not good in English so I could understand or say anything wrong. Or it could look like I'm rude, not very gentle... I mean everything good :D
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Your tool is very useful, the only problem is that they take a while to load.


Cool little too for sure!

But like others say, until it is faster than print screen with imageshack or tinypic et al, I might not use it personally that much.

But nice work nonetheless!