Who42 Poems.


I only created this to put my poems in here, Not to think im famous but im just bored and it's fun. And it saves room.


Man Of Flight

An angel once said, for it to be true, you must remember to start anew. He looked at me, Filled with thought, as I stared, Void of pain, He told me I have nothing to gain. So he said with those words .I ponder now the message I hold. Will it bring grace or hellishly unfold. Now the angel he started to fly, He told me one thing before I die. You must live life, You cannot stress, Because if you do, You wont pass the test. Yes thats what he said, Life is a test. You may choose to ignore his warning, I dont think you should, Remeber the good things you did, and have a running start, Then jump into the sky and your wings shall start.

The Blazing Soldier

Bullets fly in the sky Rockets crash causing ash. I live by my training, I dont really feel so good. We die for our country and return home murderers. We start as peace keepers but I dont think we are. I remember how Johnny died, Hes the first boy so far. We charge the guns blazing, as we should. We start firing and they fire back. Men go down so fast, I cant even remember there past.

Now it's my turn to die for good, Like Johnny and Keller I think we all should. Remember our strengths and take that yourself, As for me, It's my time, Time for eternal rest.


Witch Hunt

As I cry, I burn on the stake, My body's gone, My mind is to bake. They scream at me, They seem to glow, My powerful presence has nothing to show. Tearfully I cry again, I seem to know, This dreaded curse always shows.

Angerly I scream starting a show, I start to think, I see a dark crow.. I will destory them. Even the dead. I will raise up monsters, to crush and to kill. My petty vengence seems to fill my soul with dread, Even a witch has to go. I close my eyes
and I pray for my God to take


The Bully

People laughed and teased me, They all called me names. I went home and cried, Nothing was ever the same. Now for fun, I tease kids, Beat them up to. I remember what happened to me, So why not for you? Then I walk home filled with pain and grief. The kids got what they deservered, I cant say the same for me.

Now I've stopped im getting older, Wiser then the past. I remember laughing happily, My family and I have had a blast. I still sadly remember, What I have done to those kids. Because of me a new generation will begin. I tell this story as a moral, Incase you do the same. I hopefully doubt you will ever, But just dont become the same
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