RP Discussion What kind of RP would you like to see me write?


Since you guys clearly have your own opinions on what I write well and what I stink at, I would like you to tell me what kind of RP you would like to see me personally write. I ask this because I'm tired of seeing my RPs crash and burn. Please help me by responding with an appropriate answer to my questions.

David Schofield

Because someone doesn't want to play your RP doesn't mean they are purposefully trying to crash everything you do. They just aren't interested. I'm sure you have good ideas, but you need better ways of implementing them. Maybe even get someone with a lot of experience to edit them and make them longer and more descriptive. From what I've seen you create, I can tell you have good ideas with good intentions, but you're bringing your stories forward without that much interest, it's more of tell rather than show, and it lacks the "I need to join this!" appeal. With more experience, I'm sure you'll be able to get better at it.


Pi, don't take my thoughts on it the wrong way, I only want you to get better at RPing. :)

I think that, as David said, your opening posts are rather nondescript and are lacking the points and story lines that make Some RP's great.

My opinion would be for you to stick to something you are familiar with and then write it. Go into excruciating detail about it. I mean, do a (As much as I hate to say it) Twilight kind of description. Describe the setting in complete and total detail. Tell me about the tiles on the floor and the dust in the back of cupboards!!!

Then, once you're done, send it to me and I'll proof read it for you :)

Alright, mate? :)

Lord Regal

Campfire Guardian
I think that the whole detail thing depends on the kind of RP. For my Airplane Crash thread I only specified that you could only have what you had in your pockets and that very little could be salvaged from the plane. People really seemed to enjoy it, but sadly it derailed due to new RPers joining and going off topic (it was before my time as mod) and I stopped posting, Father Coram killed his character, and other older RPers stopped posting. Still, rigid RPs have their strong points (just look at Penta W, Golden Reach, Ghosts, etc) but in the right circumstances a more flexible style can work just as well.