What about Bank Hold-ups


i think to rob a bank you would need to be able to defeat every town member 1 by 1 without recovering health points

The Itch

i was thinking of it like most of you are...

-the bank Lv. makes it harder(the higher the better)
-if you have a law man there they have to fight.and if the other town folk are there they fight him/her too..no healing of life in between the fights.
- only take a % of the money in the bank..mostly from the town section ..
- the bank clerks could be upgraded with gun if the town has a GunSmith..
- they should be a outlaw list you can put them on..

New Stranger

one against a whole town? sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? and they don't get all the money if they are successful do they?


banks could decide to get pay for better security measures too, like guards and better safes etc making it harder.

i htink it should be very hard to do anyway, but i don't like the idea of duelling everyone from the town. surely it should only b everyone who's currently in the town?


Also. Building up the bank has some security features with it, making it a little harder to rob.


Sure let the fools rob the bank, then sheriff or hopefully if a deputy is added he can start a posse up to track down the bank robbers and recover the money and "string em' up"


This is something that has been discussed about before and i like the idea.

It would be fun and Wanted Dead or Alive posters could be set up for that town the town can Hire a mercenary(NPC) set up a town Posse or hire a Player to try and Catch the robbers and get the loot back

Also The town will set a reward for their capture on the posters as a bonus for catching them