WANTED Logo Needed!!!!

king david

Greeting graphic gods...

I seek a town flag, fort flag, and a signature. I want all to have the same graphics pic, just different text explained below:

Town flag/fort flag (max. 220x150, max. 256kByte, (jpg,jpeg,png,gif) Also, create this flag into a signature for me on the forums... Just add my name "Latigo Kid"
File type: jpg
Primary text: WANTED(town) and WANTED FORT (fort)
Secondary text: I would like 10 duplicated for each one of these for each fort and town... so WANTED...WANTED II...III etc... using Roman Numerals... same for WANTED FORT I,II, etc... Also, one of the graphics with just WANTED on it, no roman numeral.
Third text: slogan... "Are you WANTED?" very small at the bottom.
Theme: Very Dark, lots of shadows, not black and white though... maybe black white and red... whatever your creative mind can create :)
Extras: lightening, rain, if it works
Here's a pic I found if you can use it or use something similar, concentrate on the upper torso, kill the tower in the background.



I'm no graphic god by any stretch. In fact i just downloaded Gimp 3 days ago. I used your request as a practice session to see how the program works.

I do realize that i didn't follow your directions at all, lightning, shadows etc.

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king david

Still 100 times better than what I could do. I have sexy assassin working on one for me (hopefully =-) I'll keep yours if no one else steps up to the challenge.

king david

I like that one much more (-=

Can you make me a siggy like that?

king david

I like it... can you put in it "Latigo Kid" somewhere?


I actually like Gem's better... just want "Latigo Kid" in it.
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