Visit Maya easter egg hunt


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i can not complete this quest? i hace spent 54 nuggets twice so i have equipped ring and one in inventory and have all the things im suppose have shows i have it all but when i click on quest it isnt there?

I also just noticed i lost one the rings i spent 54 nuggets for? i canceld quest and took it again to see if i could complete it and lost a ring? and still maya isnt showing quest so i can complete umnless i take off and put back in inventory then i lose a ring wtf. some help please

-finally let me complete after buying ring again having it euipped and one in inventory for the second time.
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It's not a bug, but it is indeed not obvious what should happen. We'll pass it on, perhaps this quest can be changed and we will keep it in mind for the future.
Its absurd that the quest calls for 3 golden rings when while at level 127 and fully equipped and having 5 gold pickaxes my chances of a drop are only 11%. It appears simply to be a scam designed to manipulate players into buying / spending nuggets. Outrageous.