Valentine's Messenger


During the last event, I kept a tally with the hearts I sent and received.

Compared to World 1, World 5 unlocked the world rewards earlier, meaning that on average its players were more active. However, I received less hearts from friends, meaning that somehow I managed to became friend here with players who are less active.

I'm thankful to all players for their effort in sending hearts and helping unlocking rewards, and especially grateful to those who did this on a daily basis. I feel these players deserve recognition, hope they don't mind having their names listed here.

The event lasted for 17.5 days, during which I sent hearts 15 times to those I befriended from the beginning, less to those I became friends with later. During this time I had 154 friends, sent hearts 2084 times and received hearts 1641 times. Sadly, there were 4 players who never sent hearts, to me at least. On the other hand, 36 players sent me more hearts than I sent them. These generous players are:

Players who sent me 60 hearts more than I sent them:
Rattle Snake Joe - Valentine's Ambassador - sent hearts 18 times
hat8u, qxu, Little Moonlight.

Players who sent me 40 hearts more than I sent them:
slipery elm, Gyby, Veedle, Shanaia, Reino Eno, monoxi, ANDROID81, atosx, chrismgess, Remington1860, silverfox007, nickolioni, Folkstone, KCScrewed, Mincu, arizonica, Ray McC4ll.

Players who sent me 20 hearts more than I sent them:
foomy, sir oliver1, labros, gunner86, Ljoticevac, Iam Keyser Soze, Jozi Wales, Zak Rogers, Lieutenant Blueberry, Abbygail, Remus123, kolinzz, fdb113, Max Hanley, Isaac Darkin.

There are many other dedicated players who remained anonymous because I wasn't their friend during this event.