Update to Version 2.83


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.83 on Tuesday, August 14th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change.


Hanry on vacation

OH NO! Henry is on vacation?! Who will take care of the saloon? Do you know how to cook or make a drinks?

This questline contains 13 quests and is available for every player whose character has level of the character equal or higher 51. For finishing the final quest, the achievement "Take care of the saloon!" and the title "The deputy chef" is being awarded.

This quest is only available from August, 15th 10:00 until the 31.08.2018 at 23:59.


New dishes

We have created three new dishes that will give you more strength, luck and skill. New dishes will appear in the store on August 15, from 10:00.


+30 toughness
+30 reflex
number of uses: 5

+30-50 damage (fort battle bonus)
+6 multiplayer attack
+6 multiplayer defense
number of uses: 7

+50% increased luck
+50% improved drop chance
duration: 24h

Independence Day sets

The items of the following sets are now auctionable, tradeable and upgradeable:
  • John Hancock's set
  • John Dickson's set
  • John Adams's set

International Gold Rush

We asked you on Facebook for a name for the new set. This set will be a prize in an international competition called "International Gold Rush". A special announcement about the competition will be announced soon on the forum.

We wanted to thank you for the many great ideas that you have sent us. Set will be called "El Gringo".

Set bonuses:

+0,1 strength (per level)
+0,1 mobility (per level)
+0,1 dexterity (per level)
+0,1 charisma (per level)
+1 construction (per level)
+1 vigor (per level)
+1 stamina (per level)
+1 hiding (per level)
+1 reflex (per level)
+1 horseback riding (per level)
+1 shooting (per level)
+1 setting traps (per level)
+1 fine motor skills (per level)
+1 animal instinct (per level)
+1 trade (per level)
+1 apperance (per level)
+250 labor points
+100% icreased luck
+100% increased drop chance
+60% more experience from jobs, duels and fort battles
+60% more money from jobs and duels

+0,1 strength (per level)
+0,1 mobility (per level)
+0,1 dexterity (per level)
+0,1 charisma (per level)
+1 stamina
+1 horseback riding (per level)
+1 animal instinct (per level)
speed +150%

+0,1 strength (per level)
+0,1 mobility (per level)
+0,1 dexterity (per level)
+0,1 charisma (per level)
+1 dodge (per level)
+1 hiding (per level)
+1 aiming (per level)
+1 setting traps)
+1 leadership (per level)
+70 damage (fortbattle sector bonus)
+70 resistance
+7 multiplayer attack
+7 multiplayer defense

Please keep in mind that the bonuses are subject to change.

Thank you for playing The West!

Your The West Team