Update to Version 2.130


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We are currently planning on updating the game to the version 2.130 on July 28th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.


Creativity Set

We have created a special creativity set, which you can win in some of our contests.

  • The artist's apron

    • +0,06 Mobility (per level)
    • +0,04 Charisma (per level)
      • +0.4 Health Points (per level)
      • +0,4 Fine Motor Skills(per level)
      • +0.4 Leadership (per level)
    • +10% luck
    • +10% money
  • Creative set bonus for 4 items
    • +0,05 Strength (per level)
    • +0,04 Dexterity (per level)
    • +0,03 Mobility (per level)
    • +0,05 Charisma (per level)
      • +0,7 Health (per level)
      • +0,7 Reflex (per level)
      • +0,7 Aiming (per level)
      • +0,5 Appearance (per level)
    • +15% exp
    • +15% money
    • +15% luck
    • +15% drop

Labor Day 2020

This year in the wild west you will be able to get a new grill chef's hat. You will receive a hat as a reward for completing a special additional quest. This quest is available for all players who have finished "Picnic" (Labor Day) quest.

In addition, the "Eight-hour day supply" set has been re-balanced.




Shooting on a barrel counts as enemy KO.

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