Update to Version 2.120


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We are currently planning on updating the game to version 2.120 on Tuesday March 10th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.


Mysterious Potion description
We changed the item description because it caused confusion.

Bonnie set
Every player is able to sell items to other players and the mobile trader, and items can be upgraded.

St. Patrick Day - new quests
We have prepared the next Community Event which will run soon. This time we will try a different mechanic. Event currency can be obtained by completing quests and by participating in Fort Battles in the middle of the map. More information in a separate announcement soon.


Gossip with Maya (Together 'til the end!)
The quest text should show the player's nickname in {player_name} place.

Soap Opera set
After improving the set bonus, the player couldn't equip 6 items.

Worker's Vest
Worker's Vest had the wrong bonus.

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