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Since Twista didn't like my tiny incremental bids last time, I will do the opposite this time.

2.5m for Tubby


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“10/10 would hire again” -Some Guy

“Sofaticia duelled me constantly, I had no choice but to give up duelling <player>” -Nemesis

“I saw Gregory working at some high luck jobs, I don't even know what he finds and I'm already jealous” -Random full trading person

“9.8/10, game of the year!” -IGN

Found some reviews on the internet for you.
Found some more reviews in the Saloon and surrounding areas.

"Sofaticia is flawless." -Maya Roalstad

"I hear her avatar's insured for $10,000." -Waupee

"I hear she does quarter horse commercials... in Colorado." -Henry Walker

"Her favourite item is the brown tie." -John Fitzburn

"One time she met Mugridge in a forest... he told her she was pretty." -Little Eagle

"One time she KOed me in a duel. It was awesome." -Nasty Gary
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is the auction up again ?

1 million for Gregory McTubby

900k for Sofaticia

from world 14
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Fake bids cannot be placed and if they do that can lead to account suspoension!

PS: Always read the rules of event before engaging into it ;)
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