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Post here items you want to sell/buy
at the world 9 Market.

Since World Arizona has one I thought the world
9 forum should have one too.

so, whats everyone selling?:p
please keep this thread clean.


Nice of you to think of us.

Ill sell my invisible pants for 100k +3 to all attributes. Old secret quest at the first week or w9 ... very rare.

I cant wear them now as ive put on weight since hitting lvl 99 and cant find anyone to duel anyway... so i sit and drink with henry and fish.

anyways lemmie know would suit a real rich dude with around lvl 60 or so


Big sellout next Saturday

Auction scheduled October 23, 2010 from 9:00 PM to 9:20 PM

Things you may need for a cold winter or just for Halloween to play hard:

Clothes for cold nights:
Night cap
Night gown

Products for ladies and gents:
Kudram's parasol
Walking stick

Arms for duelers:
Figaro's Razor blade
Precise revolver No 1
Granmont's Pistol

Second hand, you may need for Halloween:
Brown tie
Fancy bow tie
Stone chain
Indian feather hat

Have fun and good luck!


A quick reminder. The big sellout ends in 24 hours.
Good luck and fun.

Below me

Hello all friends and foes !
I been out of the game for a few months so im a little out of the loop.

I see we now have trading :D:unsure:

Well anyone have a dirt ball to sell ? if i figure out how the trading here works.


you can buy more lump of dirt from market for buy just buy one cheap


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Had to delete old mesege to make way for new one.

I've put two Elixirs on the market for $300 immediate purchase price,
$240 biding price,:)

Edit: I forgot to say I put a Brown Stetson on the market too

Update: One elixir was sold for $300!
Update: I've put two more elixirs on the market!
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Auction for Brown Stetson ends Tomorrow at 9:09 PM.
Auction for two remaining eilxirs ends on On 12/6/10 at 8:07 PM and
On 12/6/10 at 8:08 PM.:)

Sorry for double post
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I could really use a Schofield and a Precise Schofield. Getting tired of waiting for the NPC trader to have them...


Teddy Bear just been listed. Reasonable condition, possibly some traces of drool....

Below me

Well as a notorius collector i would like to buy a piece of coal from anyone that has opened the calender early.

If you have some but it out for sale i will buy one as long as the prize is fair it is a usless item after all :p

Peter Cowan

Looking for :
Fancy Jeans
Fancy pistol belt
Please send me a telegram in game


Crazy Shooter

I am looking for Billy's Peacemaker. I will give Hernando's sword, Belle Starr's Deringer and 130,000$ for it.

Good Feather

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I'm looking to purchase Brown Pistol belt and/or Black Soft Leg Guards

contact me in game before you post as I may have already found it.

EDIT: BOTH HAVE BEEN PURCHASED! Dont bother posting unless you want to make a lucrative business selling the 2 above items.
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Basically, I just want to get the best items for grave digging.

Looking for:

Necklace of Endearment
Pilgrim's Shoes
Charles Goodnight's Buckled Belt
Fancy Indian Pants

I do have pilgrim's dress shoes, since my character is male i can't really use it.

Let me know how much and I'll see what I can do, I'm going to assume that these are pricey items and I really don't know the market too well in this game.

pm/telegram rwthw


Necklace of Endearment: Not auctionable, and useless for grave robber. It's all yellow skills and grave robber is no yellow skills.
Pilgrim's Shoes: Not the best, Thanksgiving boots are, which aren't auctionable. The next best are moccasins + mustang, followed by your fancy boots.
Charles Goodnight's Buckled Belt: Your blue eagle belt is better, and the best for your level.
Fancy Indian Pants: Your fancy linen pants are the best for your level and the second best overall.

Are you sure it's grave robber you want gear for?