Town member poaching.

Tucker Blue

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Of all the things i never expected to happen, town member poaching never even occurred to me. Until now. One of our town members told me that a fort fight alliance was trying to recruit her. She was still in our ranks 3 days later so i thought all was good. But apparently she thought she had to join the alliance to fight for it, not being informed otherwise by the poachers. As Pittsburgh Springs is the #1 town in our world with 37 members and my town with 6 members they don't need our members. So why would an invite even be sent? Extremely rude to say the least. i guess that's how they wanna be remembered. i have a new motto for their town profile:

Pittsburgh Springs, we'll steal your town members because that's the type of players we are.


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Most of the decision to leave a town is on the player themselves, and especially for newer players, it's good for them to experience a serious fort battle atmosphere imo. 37's quite small for a major town so perhaps it's a last ditch attempt at staying alive, and at the same time perhaps they are underhanded in taking players from the other side. Time will tell when that player either comes back to the better atmosphere of your town, or the player has moved on and there's nothing you could do about it.


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In some ways, it does help new players grow and become more experienced. I've seen many new players move from small, inactive towns to bigger ones and find their own there with the support of the members.

But on the other hand, I do know of cases where it's definitely bad. Every world has one super-town, with 45+ members, which gradually absorbs all the best FFers of the world and keeps them all at the same place. This sometimes is detrimental to the balance on the world, as if usually means the best and most dedicated players all wind up on one side and in one town, so can't be moved around. In those circumstances, town leaders need to look beyond the needs of their town and to the needs of the server as a whole while doing recruitment.