Town Looking for Bad@$$ gunslingers.

Wade Lithium

I have just become founder of a town, Western Frontier. We're looking for some good, active duelers that want to help us fight off Campers from another town.

Their leader is a psycho stalker guy who's obsessed with me and wants to get my attention by spending all day on the game attacking my town and recruiting other people to help him.

I got a good dueler and there is one or two more in my town, but now this guy has convinced UA to ally with him so he can get more support.

He started out in game trying to FORCE my old town Founder into an alliance. He messaged me to tell me we were allies and while our guard was down he and a couple of his town members started attacking and KOing everyone, workers included.

They've been there over a week and me and my gunners are fighting back but we could use more support.

If you help my town I will give you Free Shopping Passes and/or allow you to be a member of my town.

Also If you are part of a big alliance and wish to help, and do a great job of helping to get these idiots out of my town I will be happy to ally with you.

Their ringleader is a dueling level 40 soldier with some good gear - a melee fighter. However he is recruiting all levels so he can attack all members of my town So I am looking for the same.

I can beat almost everyone in his town my level, but for some reason I have not been able to battle him consistently.

You can message me here or PM me in world 3. Same name as here.
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George Hurst

This probably belongs in the town recruitment thread, so i am moving it there.