Tornado Alley is still open, and friendly to any who blow in


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As the title says, we are open and welcome new members as always. World 1 is soooo special to those of us who remember the absolutely wild addiction the classic game (in early days) was to us in 2008/9.

World 1 should be open to those who want to migrate 'back' . :)

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Well. Time to close up shop for me. I think I have just been playing too long. I just don’t find the current version and events fun or engaging anymore. Just tedious click click click or buy the end result. I did have fun playing when I started and the magic is just gone. It isn’t you it must be me.

Good luck all. And good gaming. Off on another dusty trail I go. Take care World One folks. You kept me sane through some dark personal times. Thank you for being a great posse!