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Three word story


feeling confident of his muscular physique...

(yes, lol, i know it's more than 3 words, lol)


lol, i thought you were being serious...

she looks up at him through long, dark eyelashes

(three words is too hard, lol)

master warrior

that is from a diffeent thread and this is a cat facing his fear which is not a real tale may i add.


alright, lol...

so da lady cat walks away with her nose stuck up in the air

(better? lol)

master warrior

its a guy i changed it!!!
now he has faced this ear he decides to face his next his fear of WATER


i was talking about the girl cat that you made him touch, lol

(my cat LOVED water and baths)

he dipped his paw in the water...

master warrior

mine hates it and who said it was a cats bikini ;)

he liked the feel so


he jumped in

(whenever i would take a bath, my cat would jump into the tub...it was very funny, yet kind of annoying lol)


lol - yeah, he was a different cat...he even liked car rides...lol

slowly he started to swim...