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  • Please do not bump your thread.
  • Please refrain from posting multiple threads. Use one main thread for your work, ideas, references, etc.
  • Please do not get personal with critique.
  • Please keep your artwork PG13.
  • You are able to show off your work here, by linking to an art related website such as DeviantArt.
  • Please do not post your work in other's threads.
  • Please do not flame this forum and post overly negative critique.
  • Please do not Advocate downloads of illegal software.
  • Please keep your images that are not in spoilers to a size of 720x720 pixels.
  • Please do not create "catch all" type threads, unless it's for competitions.
  • Please do not post animated images.
  • Please do not post plagiarized material. Original content only.
  • Please do not re-post Campfire stories here. You may provide a link to the story though.

Things you can post here include, but are not limited to:
  • Links to you profile on an art related website
  • Some history about your creative career / hobby
  • Stories or poems you have written
  • Signatures you have made
  • Photos you have taken
  • A creative related tutorial you have written

All other forum rules are still in place, apart from revised ones specified above
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