The Wild West - Recruiting


The Wild West is looking for members. We are currently at 1200 points and are growing quite quickly. We have all the buildings being built and a level 2 Hotel nearly built. But we need more members.

There are 6 places up for grabs.


- Total Level has to be 15

3 Constructors are needed - Please Fill in this form.

- Construction Level:
- Repairing Level:
- Leadership Level:
- Tactics Level has to be half of total level.

3 Duelers are needed - Please Fill in this form.

-Your overall skill level:
-Your dueling skill level:
-Your vigor skill level:
-Your shooting skill level:
-Your aim skill level:
-Your dodging skill level:
-Yor tactics skill level:
-Your appearance skill level:
-Your strength attribute level:
-Your mobility attribute level:
-Your dexterity attribute level:
-Your charisma attribute level:
-Your dueling rank:
-Your combat style of choice:



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