The Chains of Arunsia

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She’d been alone for days. She had surprisingly not seen any monsters since yesterday, but in this godforsaken world, she knew that couldn’t last. She couldn’t believe this had happened to her. She’d been a good citizen…King Drashk had told her as much when he’d ordered her exile. All she’d done was have one little dream, similar to one she’d had many times over her life, and yet that particular one had attracted the Dreamhounds and their creepy handlers, the Grey Guards. Now she was exiled permanently. They’d given her a sword to protect herself with, but, not knowing how to use it, she’d broken it against the hide of a beast that had attacked her. Fortunately, the sting from the broken metal had convinced it to back off, but she knew that the next time something attacked, she wouldn’t be so lucky…if she survived long enough to find another monster…she hadn’t eaten or drank anything since two days past, when she’d found a small pond. She’d only managed to harvest a couple of the dates from the nearby trees and drink a few sips when an approaching pack of Gargoyles scared her away.

Eventually, her legs couldn’t take it anymore, and she dropped. A monster erupted out of the dirt behind her, as if it had been following her, waiting for this opportunity. She couldn’t even muster the energy to turn and see what beast would consume her. She closed her eyes, hoping the end would at least be swift. The expected jaws or talons never came, however. Instead there was an agonized shriek and a ground-shaking thud. She forced her eyes open to see a figure rapidly approaching her. It looked human, but the closer it got, the more she wondered if it wasn’t just a humanoid monster. Her exhausted and starved body and taxed mind began to force her away from consciousness, and by extension, life. As such, she didn’t feel the strong, gentle hands shaking her, nor the voice trying to call her back.


Welcome to the world of Arunsia. For as long as anyone can remember, there has been no distinguishable feature between day and night. The almost-too-dark-to-see-in light is constant, except in rainstorms, where nothing can be seen at all. The sprawling city known as Human’s Sanctuary is the only known locale where people can live in relative safety, as all manner of monsters roam outside the high walls. Within the metropolitan area, however, King Drashk, who has outlived everyone at least several generations back, rules with an iron fist. Ordinary life is relatively good, so long as you don’t try to leave the city, but everyone fears the baying howl that means only one thing: a Dreamer just had a Dream.

Ordinary dreams are one thing…people have dreams all the time without attracting the attention of Drashk’s special Dreamer-hunting monsters, the Dreamhounds. However, if one has a Dream, nothing can save them from being caught. To the average person, the only thing that differs between a dream and a Dream is that a Dream appears to burn itself into the person’s mind. Those who have Dreamed often are captured in the middle of telling the Dream to family members as a means of breakfast conversation. Those who Dream are taken by the Dreamhounds’ handlers, the Grey Guards, and are never seen again.

You are a Dreamer. Last night, you had a Dream (which I will send to you via PM once you sign up), and for that, you were captured and brought before King Drashk. The details of that audience with him are below the character sheet for you to fill out. However, before we launch into character creation, let us set the ground rules for this RP.

1. This is going to be a longer RP. The way I’ve designed the ultimate goal, it’s a guarantee. Only sign up if you want to commit to that. Characters left without someone controlling them (excluding those whose RPer lets me know they’ll be gone for a while) might end up falling under rule 2’s “bad choice” clause, depending on the length of their absence and if anyone’s willing to pick up the character.

2. This is a Dark Fantasy RP, so the themes, monsters, and the like are going to be more intense than in most other RPs. It’s also going to be more dangerous, meaning if you make a bad choice, it WILL come back to haunt you. Depending on the degree of severity of your choice, it could even kill you. If you die, you are more than welcome to create a new character and rejoin with them.

3. Any characters put into the RP after it’s started (includes latecomers and second characters for people who got their first one killed) will start outside Human’s Sanctuary. Depending on where the group is, that may be fortunate, but more than likely you’ll be on your own for a while. I’ll be kinder to people stuck in that
situation than to the rest of you regarding bad choices, but just be aware it’s not the most pleasant option. You’ll be starting over from scratch.

4. I must ask that you NOT share your Dreams with the other members of the RP. There will be a time very soon after we start for that, but originally I don’t want you all trying to piece the dreams together (for they form a story when looked at in the proper order).

5. This isn’t a rule, per-se, but more a “For your Information” piece of news. I’m going to be trying something new as far as my PC goes. He won’t be with the rest of you at the start, and he won’t be coming from the same place as you are. I’ll be introducing him fairly quickly, but he won’t be around immediately. As far as abilities/knowledge, I’m combining power/knowledge of an NPC and the playability of a PC. He’ll be stronger than you and know more than you at first, and I apologize for that. After wracking my brain, this was the only way to properly utilize this character I could come up with, so please bear with me.

6. All Forum and CS rules apply here as they do anywhere else.

7. Have fun! The above rules may seem fairly harsh, but I want to make sure this RP is as enjoyable as possible to all participants, and that means making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them…no sugarcoating. Seriously though, I’m incredibly excited to be starting this RP up…I have some awesome things planned for you all, and it should be a blast. I’ve worked on this tirelessly for about a week now, and my excitement’s only gone up :D.


Bio Sheet

Name: (What are you called?)
Age: (How old are you? Note: any age is allowed, but remember about bad choices…very young (anything less than 14 or 15) or old (anything higher than 60) will not end well for you almost certainly)
Gender: (Are you male or female?)
Former Occupation: (If you were working, what job did you have?) (NOTE: The Grey Guards are not human, and they are the military. Therefore, any military post is not viable :) )
Appearance: (What do you look like?)
Personality: (How do you act/think?)
Skills/good points: (What are you good at/what good qualities do you have?)
Weaknesses/bad points: (What are you bad at/what bad qualities do you have? Should have one weakness for every strength)
Weapon: (What weapon did you request when you were exiled/how good are you with it? Should make sense with age, job, and skills/weaknesses)
Bio: (Tell us about yourself)


King Drashk certainly didn’t look noble sitting on his throne. Quite the opposite, truth be told. His eyes were glazed over, his skin looked gray, and his royal robes sat loosely upon his body. Were it not for the crown on his head, one might have mistaken him for an actor down on his luck. Yet, even the crown seemed odd. Most of the jewels were ordinary precious stones, but the middle one, the centerpiece, was rather dull. It certainly didn’t sparkle in the torchlight like the others. It seemed to have a slight glow independent to the other lights in the room, but it wasn’t enough to match the other gems.

“Your Highness, we have the newest Dreamers,” a Grey Guard, indistinguishable from his peers, spoke up.

The king perked up slightly, and the clink of some sort of jewelry could be heard from his arms. “Oh, right,” he muttered. “Dreams of the sort you had are dangerous. They tend to draw the monsters down on us. We don’t want that. You must…go, yes?” he asked, looking at the guard. As he turned his head, the center gem flashed for a second. “Right, yes, of course. You must go. It is regrettable, but better to lose a few than to lose us all. Tough decisions, yes, but they must be made regardless.” The man made to stand, but suddenly seemed to think better of it and returned to a comfortable sitting position, the unseen jewelry clinking all the while. “Now, we aren’t barbarians…no…we aren’t killing you by exiling you…you may each have one weapon that will be given to you by the guards once you are outside the walls. It will be in prime condition, you have my promise. Once you are outside the walls, you must depart the city. I suggest you stay together to have the best chance of surviving. Talk of the Dreams you had if that comforts you. You must be away from the city by dark, else the guards will chase you away. You may never return. This must happen. There is no other way.” The king turned his head in a seemingly random direction, and another flash came from the center gem. “Ah…right. I’ve kept you here too long. Goodbye.” The guards grabbed the Dreamers and marched them away from the king. If any looked back, they would have seen the shrunken man raise a tired hand to his face, and have seen a glint of gold too long to be a bracelet on his exposed wrist.

The outside. The dark sky made the place look barren, and even the Gray Guards, known for their apparent lack of fear in all situations, seemed uneasy. “You heard the king. Scram!” one yelled as the others handed out the weapons they’d requested and been promised, taking off their manacles in the process. “We start hunting for you at Darkening, so you have about five hours to get to the point it’s hard to see the city. Begone!” The guards turned around and walked through the massive gates, which swung closed behind them. The Dreamers were alone. Human’s Sanctuary was closed to them. The outside world, infamous for the plethora of monsters and twisted beings, was all that remained for them now.
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(New RP, new character. I think I should try female. Hope I can pull it off.)

Name: Carolyn Upton
Age: 24
Gender: female
Former Occupation: owner of Trobairitz's Own Instrument and Music Shop
Appearance: around 5'6", around 7.5 stone, with orange hair, green eyes. Fairly fit, not very muscular (like this really, but with longer hair [quarter way down back] )
Personality: very thoughtful, thinking of music, can sometimes drift off, generally has energy
Skills/good points: great salesperson, read people well, extremely creative, quick learner, intuitive, first aid provider
Weaknesses/bad points: not the best listener, terrible survivalist, unable to move heavy items, high probability to rambling on occasion, greatly concerned about personal survival, a bit stubborn at times
Weapon: große Messer analogue, older brother has one, let Carolyn practice a bit, overall skill, familiar but not very much training
Bio: Carolyn was born to Edward, a doctor and Janine, a former trobairitz, later committed to Abraham Hospital for the Less Fortunate in Social Sanity and Composure. Janine was removed from Carolyn's life at the age of 14. Until then, Carolyn had been raised fairly normally, receiving some medical training from dad, some musical training from mom. Carolyn also had a brother, Robert, an owner of a blacksmith, along with his friend David Tyler (Tyler makes them, Robert sells them). Since Robert was nearly 10 years Carolyn's senior, she was also able to learn from him. As life progressed, Carolyn leaned more towards her mother's profession, with interest in her brother's as well. Unfortunately for dad, Carolyn showed interest only in the most practical of medical practice.

After Carolyn's mother was removed from society, Carolyn decided to open a shop selling instruments, because her brother had a shop, and she wanted to be within her mother's profession, without the madness inducing public performances. Shortly after her 19th birthday, Carolyn was able to purchase a space and fill it with merchandise. Soon afterwards, Carolyn was making profit, mostly due to her personality, abilities, and familial connections. During Carolyn's 22nd year, she was the victim of a store and housebreaking attempt. Investigating strange noises from downstairs, Carolyn was knocked unconscious by a breaker, and was nearly killed. A neighbour came in time to stop the breakers and save Carolyn's life. After that incident, Carolyn was much more wary of the world. She also received weapons training, at her brother's insistence. Since then, life had been relatively normal, until the Dream.


It was only a dream, only a dream. She had even had a few similar to it. But somehow, this one was different. Carolyn knew not how, she didn't even know that this dream was different until the dread Gray Guards and their terrible (awe inspiring) Dreamhounds had arrived to take Carolyn away from everything. Until that moment, the day had all the hallmarks of normalcy. Carolyn had gotten out of bed, made said bed, bathed, and dressed in her dress of the day, a simple dress of dark blue cotton and comfortable shoes. Then Carolyn began her work day.

The tuning of the mandore was more difficult than usual. For some reason, Carolyn's dream from last night kept popping up, no matter the amount of suppression. No matter, the mandore would be tuned. It was during this tuning that the door opened, ringing the bell. "Store won't o..." Carolyn began to say, before seeing who entered. The Dreamhounds began barking wildly, as one of the Gray Guards spoke. "Carolyn Ashley Upton, Dreamer. Come with us." The mandore fell to the floor as Carolyn jumped out of her stool. "By Eris, it's you. You won't have me! I'm not a Dreamer! Leave here!" The Gray Guard ignored her commands, and grabbed Carolyn, throwing her in the back of a Fernando Transport Strangeways Special. From here, the carrier headed straight to the King Drashk.

There, he explained why they were being exiled. Carolyn wasn't the only one there in the throne room. After the King had explained everything, they were sent to the city walls in a Fernando Transport Extended. After being sent through the gate, the guards gave the exilees their requested weapons. Carolyn received a große Messer. This particular example was simple, no frills about it, but felt solid. After being shooed off like stray dogs, the gates closed behind the group. Carolyn looked at the others, desperately trying to suppress the intense fear made manifest by the sound of the closing gate.

(Hope the cameo from Ferruccio Fernando's family company from Coliseum is fine)
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Name: Jack McCarron
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Former Occupation: Blacksmith
Appearance: 6'0 with wide shoulders and muscular arms, black shoulder length hair with brown eyes.
Personality: Jack doesn't have many friends mainly because he spends his days and nights in his father's forge. His first instinct is always defend, never attack. As best as he can he tries to avoid fights, even though he would usually win all of them.
Skills/good points: Forging weapons, Able to carry heavy weights, not bad with an axe and a hammer.
Weaknesses/bad points: Bad at healing, doesn't read very well, isn't the brightest lad going.
Weapon: Axe
Bio: Jack was born in the house above his father's forge, and ever since he could he spent all his time there. His father taught him the arts of blacksmiths at a young age, a quick learner, he picked it up easily. His first contract was when he was 12 where he was asked to make 2 dozen swords. The swords were made to perfection, his father complemented him on it as did the guards who were using them. Jack rarely went outside, despite his Mother's constant nagging at having to socialize with people. He hated it, hated going out and talking to other people his age. All they talked about was the dreamers and what it would be like to be one of them, to go beyond the gates of the city. That annoyed jack greatly as his uncle had been exiled for a Dream when he was only 10. To this day he has seen his dad stare off into space, and he knew that he was thinking of his lost brother.

So for many years Jack worked in his father's forge, made tools and weapons for whoever ordered it. Life was normal as he knew it, until the dream hounds came for him.


Jack was as usual in the forge when the gray hounds and their damned dreamhounds came through the door. Knowing what would come next Jack asked them for a moment and to his surprise they granted it. His family knew this day was bound to come, jack said farewell to his father and mother, none of them shedding a tear in the process. That made Jack happy, his mom kissed his forehead as did his dad. When it was time to go he went, not refusing or resisting. Jack took a final glance at hie beloved forge, of all things in this damned world this was what he would miss the most. He and a few others was taken to King Drashk who informed them why they had to be exiled, Jack liked the king, he was a good man who looked after his people and done what was necessary to keep them safe. If him being exiled would mean no harm would come to the many people who lived here, then he would gladly walk

After everything was said, they were taken to the gates where they were offered each a weapon of choice, Jack chose an axe as it was good for both combat and survival. He could use to harm enemies or chop wood for fire. He was glad to have this weapon with him, taking a final glance at the city he turned and walked through the gate to whoever and whatever was out there.
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Name: Threut Bayn
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Former Occupation: Intellectual
Appearance: 5’10”, slim build, aging, kindly face, shaved head, wears a white tunic and dark brown leggings.
Personality: Highly intelligent, with a kind and considerate nature, always handy with a quip or epigram. Pacifist.
Skills/good points: Intelligence, kindness.
Weaknesses/bad points: Frail, no knowledge whatsoever of combat.
Weapon: None.
Bio: Threut was the son of a blacksmith, when he came of age he neglected to follow in his father's footsteps, instead choosing the path of an intellectual. His father was angry at him, and disowned him. Having no guild to join, Threut laboured for the next twenty years to make his own path in life.


His heart pounded in his chest as the Grey Guards brought him before the king, who sentenced him to a life outside the city wall. He attempted to protest, wanting to attempt to reason with the king, to convince him that sending them outside was sentencing them to death, and a discrimination of sorts. However these protests fell on deaf ears, and along with the other Dreamers, he was taken to the wall, and told to select a weapon.
Threut refused to take a weapon, he had sworn not to kill, as it was a violation of nature, and could not be justified. However the guards forced a sword upon him, which he held reluctantly.


Name: Perran Ardel

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Noble's Son

Appearance: Reasonably Tall, cropped brown hair and hazel eyes to match. As for what he wears: The clothes on the man

Personality: Raised by his carer, who taught him to be kind to all people, but he can be snobbish at times. However, he has been hardened by his family rejecting him.

Skills/good points: Swordplay, Archery, Reading, Writing, Accounting, Intelligence.

Weaknesses/bad points: Snobbish at times, dislikes getting his hands dirty, claustrophobic, dislikes social contact, bad with the ladies, rejected by his family after the dream.

Weapon: A Sabre as he learned how to duel and is quite skilled.

Bio: Perran was raised as one of three sons of a rich merchant banker, who had become in noble in the city. He was raised by a carer, since his mother was always away at social gatherings and his father was with her, or at work. He learnt the skills of his fathers trade, learning to read and write. How to keep accounts and, more importantly, fiddle with them. He also took up duelling and archery as hobbies and became quite good at them both. In his family those who had the Dream were looked down upon as sinners and idiots, who had brought their misfortune upon themselves, the fools they were. Therefore the night after he had the dream, none of his family would speak to him, besides his carer, who was still there as the general housemaid, but after it was discovered she had talked to him, she was fired. They reported him to the city authorities immediately, and Perran has been stung harshly by his family's betrayal.


Perran went through everything quietly, barely speaking unless necessary, still trying to comprehend his family's betrayal. He stood through the ceremony, barely taking in the king's words. As he was queried as to what weapon he wanted he muttered his reply "Sabre." before promptly returning to silence again. As they walked out of the city and the gates closed around them, he glanced around for the first time, taking in the new faces he'd probably need to get to know if he wanted to survive.
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Name: Melkanai Telerat (Melk)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Former Occupation: Apprentice to a city merchant.
Appearance: Melkanai is a rather skinny lad of around 5’9”. He has deep brown eyes that contrast with his light hair complexion, making him look like he is forever in deep thought. He wears colourful clothing that doesn’t hang loose off him, and a brown belt to complete the airy look.
Personality: Light natured, though not suffering fools gladly...Maintains a very care-free attitude to life in general. He is reasonably intelligent as well. An introvert, but not under confident in any way.
Skills/good points: Selling and trading, agile, thoughtful, intuitive, quick thinking.
Weaknesses/bad points: Inability to charge a high amount for goods; not very powerful build; timid when making new acquaintances; geographically incompetent; somewhat nosy; greatly fearful of the world outside the Sanctuary.
Weapon: Single-handed Falchion. Saw one on display in a noble home once, and ever since then has wanted to handle one.
Bio: Melkanai was orphaned at a young age, when his parents were mysteriously killed. Whether by accident or not, he never found out. He was taken in by a young lady, Fliana, who he has lived with until now. At age fourteen, he was approached by a city merchant while playing on the streets with his only friend. The merchant offered him the chance to become his apprentice, which Melk immediately accepted, seeing the prospect of earning money as a chance to improve his standards in clothes, and become more popular with the other city boys his age. Since that day, he has worked tirelessly beside his master’s side selling all sorts of goods to the folk of the city.


That night, Melkanai had gone to bed just as normal. Nothing out-of-place had happened that day, as with most every other day in his life of ‘get-up, eat breakfast, sell and trade all day, go home, eat, go to sleep again.’ He slept peacefully, dreaming only once, which was highly unusual for Melk, as he usually had at least a couple of dreams every night. The next morning, Melk had eaten breakfast as usual, but soon afterwards, the Dream had started to come back to him. It burned it’s place inside Melk, and he couldn’t get rid of it, no matter how hard he tried.
When it happened though, Melk finally understood...He was advertising the latest style of teapot to a watching crowd when the infamous Grey Guards had come with their hideous pets, and had picked him up, causing him to drop and smash the teapot, and threw him into a cart, leaving the watching crowd astonished. “Dreamers will be exiled” a Grey Guard had shouted at him. From there he had been taken to the King’s throne room, where he and some other people who had apparently ‘Dreamed’ were sentenced by the king to exile.
The only bright spot on the day was that he finally got to hold the weapon that he had always dreamed about wielding. As the gates closed behind him, Melkanai suddenly became afraid. What could be out there? He hadn’t even been able to say goodbye to those closest to him, namely Fliana, the kind merchant who had hired him and his only male friend. Melkanai stood where he was, rooted to the spot, terrified at the thought of what could happen to him.
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Name: Gilandria Swann

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Former Occupation: Street entertainer / thief

Appearance: Gilandria is 5’10 in height with short, straight shoulder length half of which is dyed bright crimson and the other half jet black to compliment the rest of her outfit along with white face paint, black eye shadow and crimson lipstick.
She is dressed in a tight fitting performer’s outfit that is quartered in red and black.

Personality: Arrogant and self serving she has little time or respect for people or authority other than her brother Gale whom she has a near fanatical devotion to.

Skills/good points: Skilled Acrobat, pick pocket, Skilled knife thrower, entertaining
Weaknesses/bad points: Arrogant, Vicious, Not particularly strong, unhinged

Weapon: Bowie Knife – Has a moderate skill in fighting with it but a deadly accuracy when thrown.

Bio: With their parents killed in a fire at a young age the Swann twins as they were and still are known to this very day were taken in by a troupe of entertainers led by Stromboli where they were taught to pick pockets and cut purses at a young age, stealing from those that had come to watch the shows.
As they grew older they began doing their own performances upon the streets doing everything from high wire acrobatics, juggling knives and breathing fire much to the delight of the crowds.
However despite the painted smiles they wore there was a dark side to the twins who would think nothing of beating their competitors to a pulp or robbing men blind as they staggered home through the streets at night.
Having had no one but each other for so long, after what family they had had disowned them long ago, it was little surprise that the Grey guards met fierce resistance from Gale as they came for Gilandria early one morning with the words dream barely having left her lips.

It had been an odd sort of morning, she had had the strangest of dreams last night and for the life of her she couldn’t quite get it out of her head. Sat before the cracked and water stained mirror she carefully applies her make up with skill and ease of somebody who had been doing it for all of their life with the aroma of cooking bacon lingering in the air “Come on and get it whilst its still warm” her brother commanded as he slid the rashers of bacon onto the chipped plates, his sister immediately complying as she began eating with relish “you know Gale I had the strangest of Dreams last…” no sooner had the words left her mouth than somebody began pounding upon the door the two siblings looking at each other with undisguised terror as they both came to the same realisation of what was happening and who was at the door “Run Gilly!” Gale screamed moments before the door came crashing in.
Reacting more on instinct than anything else she casually flips the kitchen knife in her hand before hurling it at the doorway, the point burying itself into the arm of a grey guard.
Taking advantage of the time afforded by the unexpected attack Gilly ran for the stair as her brother hurled himself at the guards in a vain and futile bid to save his sister.
With the shouts of her brother behind her she heads straight for the open window; leaping out of it to land on the opposite roof laughing as she heard the cursing of the Grey Guard in the alley below, the Dream hounds pulling frantically at their leads as their target got away.
Racing from rooftop to rooftop she gives little thought to where she was headed knowing only that she had to escape, cursing loudly when she finds that the rooftops had come to an end. Unable to double back she takes the only option open to her and shimmies down a nearby lamppost dropping into the alley below and the waiting fist that knocks her flat onto her back “That is for the knife” the Grey Guard growls as he towers over her. For all of a few seconds she considers making a break for the end of the alley confidant that she would be able to outrun the lone Grey Guard only to reconsider upon hearing the growling of approaching hounds, men were one thing the dogs were a different matter entirely.

She glares sullenly at the king as he pontificates about how their exile was for the good of the city, wishing that her brother was here Gale would save me, Gale would get me out of here she thinks to herself whilst all the while knowing that this was one jam that he couldn’t get her out of.
With his piece said the guards escort them out of the hall but not before Gilly screams hysterically over her shoulder at the king “You think you’re safe from the monsters!? Well you’re not! Because my brothers going to kill you!” everything else seemed to happen in a blur as she was ushered from one room to the next before finally receiving her requested weapon and being pushed out of the city gates and told to leave.
Looking out at the bleak landscape before her she could almost feel the eyes upon her just waiting for her to turn her back so they could swallow her whole…that’s what monster did wasn’t it? They took you unawares and swallowed you whole like a tasty treat. Finding the notion somehow amusing she starts giggling uncontrollably before shouting out “Last one to be eaten by a monster is a rotten egg!” as her giggling turned to hysterical laughter and the world no longer felt quite real.

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The Grey Guards high atop the wall watched silently as most of the Dreamers began to panic, a couple of them remaining somewhat calm. Their job was to defend against any potential threat, not console those who society could do without. As the Dreamers slowly turned away from Human's Sanctuary, the desolate landscape met their eyes. No monsters were in sight, likely because of the threat the city posed. They'd have it easy for a while. However, with the five hour time limit to get away from the very place that had kept them safe their whole lives, that couldn't last long. The bustle of the city behind them was unable to be heard, as the walls blocked the sound. It was eerily silent. There were no distinguishing landmarks to head towards.

A shriek in the far distance echoed to the Dreamers' ears. It was clear that the beast that had uttered the cry was nowhere near, but that just spoke of the size of the creature. The guards had stirred at the sound, but realized there was no threat and returned to watching the Dreamers as their time continued to tick away...


Name: Artemis Al’Lagon

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Tinkerer

Appearance: 5’7”, slim build, brown short hair, blue eyes, and large grey coat filled with odds and ends

Personality: Tends to be curious about everything as he’s good with people although he occasionally can to get distracted by his own thoughts and tends to be forgetful unless it has to do with his work.

Skills: Able to mend/repair most things, good with a staff, observant

Weaknesses: Forgetful, Illiterate, overreactive when stressed,

Weapon: Glaive- He has no formal training with a glaive though he often in the past has wielded a staff
in self defense and the fighting style is similar but with the addition of a sharp blade like bit of metal on the end.

Bio: Artemis always found his last name unusual his grandparent once told him that they used to be nobility back when the sky was bright and clear. He had never believed such a thing Grandpa had often said odd things like that which was why one day he had been sent off to an insane asylum never to be seen again. Despite how crazy it sounded every now and again Artemis would ponder weather or not his grandpa was truly mad. Artemis was born the only son of a clock maker, his mother had died in his birth, and as such he would be destined to build clocks for the city as well. At least he was until his father died from disease. Artemis hadn’t finished his training he could use the tools and understood the basics but because he hadn’t finished his apprenticeship with his father and lacking the money to pay someone to finish his learning, he left his house and became a wandering tinkered. He found he was good at it and garnered some noteworthiness and money, enough to buy his own little workshop where he would work on orders and build things on the side.


He had been working late the night before working on a on Mr. Ormson an old man who seemingly always had something for Artemis to fix that night it had been a family heirloom of the old man, a Mariner’s Astrolabe. A tool used in a long lost era to navigate by the sun across some large lake known as the sea. Such wondrous things out there past the city wall but the mythical time when man might have been master of the earth was long gone. Nothing but the stories of old men, Artemis had told himself as he lay down to sleep. He thought of lands he had heard of in the stories of old men as his thoughts faded away. Then he had a Dream.

He awoke with a start. “You just had to wonder what is outside those walls didn’t you.” He said to himself his hands clenching his hair. “ There’s no time you have to get ready to go.” He jumped out of his simple bed and put on his clothes and coat, he could hear the hounds approaching. He grabbed tools randomly not knowing which he would need, he pocketed a few things he had been mending for people as well as his father’s coiled spring clock it had stopped working but Artemis would not leave it until he got it to tick once more. He got his things and sat down for the inevitable knock. “Might as well leave with dignity.” He said to himself as the knocking came. As he left his workshop for the last time he asked one of the Grey guard that everything in his workshop should be inherited my Mr. Ormson. The old man had done him good, it was the best he could do in return.

Apparently I am not alone, Artemis thought to himself as he looked at all of the other people in audience to the king with him. Artemis looked back to King Drashk, he certainly looked like he was over 200 hears old, he sat on his crown with his eyes glazed over he seemed… odd there was something off about him. What an unusual jewel or rather shiny rock on his crown. Artemis heard nothing of what the old king said, he just spent the whole time puzzling over that rock until one of the females had an outburst and shook him out of his daze. She threatened the king as the grey guard began herding the dreamers out of the room. As he left he looked back and saw the old king’s arm… there was definitely something odd about the old king.

After the audience with the old king Artemis and the other were lead to one of the great gates of Arunsia where the Grey guard began asking for requests for weapons from the dreamers. Remembering stories of how dangerous the outside world is Artemis opted for a pointy metal thing on the end of his staff and got a glaive. It was pretty balanced, Artemis just hoped he wouldn’t have a problem with the blade getting wedged into things. Haven been given their weapons the Grey guard lead them out and closed the gate behind and told they would be killed if they were still their in an hour. Artemis looked around the barren landscape surrounding the city and the fellow dreamers beside him. They had been sentenced to death. It was too much, as the gates clanged shut Artemis collapsed to his hands and knees and he cried. He cried for the loss of his friends to whom he might as well be dead, He cried for the fact that he would never be able to pay his respects at his parents graves and for his own hopeless predicament.

After a few minutes he got up, brushed the dirt off of his clothes, wiped the tears from his eyes, adjusted his, picked up his glaive and looked around at the others pretending nothing had happened. “So.” Artemis said after clearing his throat. “I guess we should make introductions then. My name is Artemis.” He said forcing a smile on his face.


Perran ignored the girl as she had an outburst, she had clearly been driven mad by the ordeal, if he just left her alone, she'd die soon enough and the rest of them would be better off. He gazed at the man as he spoke, he looked slightly older than Perran, but not much older. "Perran." he spoke, his voice not that loud. He stuck his hand out for the man to shake and waited for him to shake it before going back to his previous position.


Jack slung held his axe by his side and looked around at the people who was with him. He was still deciding whether he would stay with them or leave them to their own fates, at last he decided to stay for the time being. 4 boys and 2 girls, none of them looked like they've ever seen a good day's work. On the ground was a boy, about the same age as Jack. He was crying, Jack didn't know what to do, he didn't know how to comfort people or anything like that so he decided to leave him be. After a few minutes the boy introduced himself as Artemis, then came one of the other boys, about the same age as Artemis introduced himself as Perran. Clearing his throat "umm.... jack" he introduced himself, feeling nervous.


Whilst the others stood frozen is silent terror and at least one of them broke down into tears Gilly continued to laugh; throwing out her arms and slowly pirouetting on the spot "Come on…. what are you waiting for EAT ME!" she screams before bursting into another fit of uncontrollable laughter.
Upon hearing the man’s rather anxious sounding introduction Gilly fixes him with an inquisitive look “Why are you crying Artemis? Are you feeling sad?” she asked with what seemed like genuine child like concern only to have a smile made all the broader by the make up she wore break out upon her face “You should smile more Artemis, would you like me to help you?” she asked eagerly as her fingers tapped rhythmically upon the handle of the large and very sharp knife currently hanging from her belt.
After several seconds of this she suddenly throws her hands up over her mouth with an anguished gasp “I haven’t told you my name yet…how remiss of me, well you have the pleasure of meeting the world renowned Gilandria Swann” she said giving a low and highly theatrical bow before straightening with a toss of her head, the seemingly ever present smile once again on her face “So…where should we go to look for the monsters first?”


The group of Dreamers consisted of a strong man, an older man, a well dressed man, a teenager, a guy whose coat was bulging with various odds and ends, and a crazy looking (and acting) woman in street performer costume. Of this group, Carolyn knew none of them personally, though maybe the man with bulging ppockets had worked on the store clock a few times, and the crazed woman was probably the female part of the Swann twins act.

After the handyman had cried a bit (Carolyn would have joined him had she not been too busy trying to take the situation in [a difficult task]), he introduced himself as Artemis. This was the first time any of the group had spoken since their banishment, not counting the crazed street performer. Next the well dressed man introduced himself as Perran, probably of the noble clan Ardel. The strongman introduced himself as Jack. Carolyn was glad she wasn't the only scared one. Then the street performer confirmed Carolyn's suspicion, exiting her insane state long enough to introduce herself as Gilandria Swann, before returning to said state again. Maybe introducing herself would calm Carolyn down a bit. It was worth a try. "I'm Carolyn Upton. I used to own Trobairitz's Own, and occasionally wrote music."


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Melk came out of his scared daze as he noticed the others were introducing themselves. There was the guy who was acting like nothing had even happened: Artemis. The overconfident, maybe even cocky one, though he looked slightly nervous and out of his comfort zone: Jack. The one who appeared most normal out of the whole group: Perran. The crazy woman who looked like she would spend all day laughing at the monsters, instead of fighting them: Gilly, and finally Carolyn, well, she appeared to be rather upset by the whole ordeal, though she wasn't openly showing it. Only one of the group had yet to introduce himself, and he looked older, and far more...experienced that the others, who all looked to be in their twenties. Melk felt amazed that he could grasp the discrepancies between the different personalities in the group in such a short space of time. How was he going to live with such weirdos? ...and there was the fact that he was plainly much younger than the rest of them, putting him at a slight disadvantage in the decision-making side of things.
Raising his eyes off the ground, Melk addressed the group somewhat timidly, "Hello guys...I'm Melkanai, but you could, no I mean 'can' call me M...m...m...Melk." he stammered, suddenly feeling rather scared of the entire group... He quickly lowered his eyes to the ground again, for fear that they would give him horrible looks.
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Perran stood there having let the group introduce themselves and decided that someone needed to suggest them moving or they'd stand around forever and be dead by nightfall. "I think it's probably a good idea if we head into the forest now and see if we can set up some sort of makeshift shelter in the trees. There's no point in us grieving now, as frankly it'll just end us up dead, so we're better off just moving. Trust me, I..." his voice began to crack slightly as he thought about it, "I know what it's like to be rejected, but we have to put that behind us and continue before we all end up dead." He calmly finished his speech, detaching himself from all emotions. Perhaps that was the best way, to rid himself of all feeling.


Jack listened as everyone introduced themselves, all the while watching Gilly. He was worried about her, the exile has set something off in her head. Jack was worried she might do something stupid that might cause all of them to die. Finally the last person, the youngest out of all of them, couldn't have been more than 17 introduced him self as Melkanai or Melk with nervousness and fear in his tone. Feeling sorry for the young lad Jack felt as though he had to say something, urging himself forward "That's a nice name" was all he could come up with. Feeling instantly ashamed he added "you know how to use that" pointing at the sword he wielded, making sure his tone was calm and friendly. After that the one who was named Perran said, in Jack's mind the most useful thing he's heard all day. "I think it's probably a good idea if we head into the forest now and see if we can set up some sort of makeshift shelter in the trees. There's no point in us grieving now, as frankly it'll just end us up dead, so we're better off just moving. Trust me, I..." he paused for a while before continuing I know what it's like to be rejected, but we have to put that behind us and continue before we all end up dead.". Slowly Jack walked over to him and gave him a gentle pat on the back, "lead the way" He added with a reassuring smile. Feeling immensely relieved and proud of himself for what he just accomplished, Jack slung his axe across his shoulder and waited for someone to start walking.
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Artemis switched his Glaive from his right hand to his left and shook the well-dressed man's hand; his smile was no longer forced. "Pleasure to meet you Perran." He said letting the other man back up to his position in their little circle. Artemis watched as the other dreamers told their names in turn. Jack introduced himself, a big man probably a smith of some sort, he seemed nervous. Artemis stiffened as the woman who had been shouting for the monsters to kill her took notice of him. She asked him why he was sad in a voice that would have been innocent if it wasn't for how her make up elongated her smile unnaturally and how she followed up this question by threatening to cut him, tapping her dagger with her fingers. Fear ran through his body causing him to make a step back. Artemis felt his begin to boil, she was mocking him. He had just been exiled from everything he knew and she mocked him. Artemis's knuckles grew white with strain as he gripped his Glaive and too a step towards the Harlequin, murder in his eyes. Just as quickly as his anger as flared up it evaporated with one though, what’s the point. With an exasperated sigh he embedded his Glaive into the ground beside him, its head facing the sky.
Her name was Gilandria Swann, so he had seen her. She had acted alongside another when he had last gone to one of those shows. Maybe it was the loss of the other one that caused his reaction from her though he had heard some rumors that the Harlequins truly were as mad as they acted. The next person to speak was the other woman of the group, she introduced herself as Carolun Upton of Tarobairit'z Own. A musician and a business woman impressive Artemis didn’t think he had seen her before but he was fairly sure he had done a job for Tarobairit’s Own. Next spoke the decidedly youngest member of the party. A young boy called Melk. The boy was so young, barely crossed the threshold of maturity. He could only give the boy a sad smile as he leaned on his staff. He turned his gaze to the eldest man in their midst, a bald man in a tunic he seemed to dislike the sword that had been thrust upon him. Perhaps he is a monk, Artemis thought looking at the man.


The first thing Threut did was drop his sword. Him carrying it would have been pointless, he wasn't going to kill anything and even if he was willing he didn't have enough physical strength. The others were introducing themselves. There was a girl in an elaborate costume, who appeared to be mad. Although then again, madness could not be achieved without great intelligence. A youth, three young men and a woman.
Threut stepped forward and cleared his throat. "My name is Threut Bayn, and I would like to make clear that my intentions are not to kill, if anything my goal shall be to seek answers. So if anyone sees this as a weakness and wishes to kill me and lick my bones clean then I suggest you do so now." He said calmly.


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Lifting his eyes slowly off the ground, Melk looked directly at Jack and gave him an inquisitive stare at his unexpected compliment, instantly presuming his 'niceness' to be a guise to conceal an ulterior motive. What that could be, he didn't know yet, but that might reveal itself to him later, whether in the form of a terrible beast, or an attempt to 'use' Melk. No, he wasn't going to be bossed around by some good-for-nothing guy who he'd never met before...

Then, Melk realised that he was being silly. You shouldn't judge people by first appearances...That is reserved for monsters... " you...I think" He replied, still slightly nervous about speaking in front of the entire group. Keeping his voice low, he replied to Jack's question. "No...I don't. B...b...but I suppose I'll catch the jist of it after a few battles. After all, we are bound to have some before we...die...aren't we?" Suddenly plunged back into his pool of impending doom, Melk instantly became fearful of the landscape outside, only then remembering that the Grey Guards would soon come out to get them. Melk gave a terrified look at the Guards standing atop the high walls, then started running for his life away from the city. Utter terror had gripped him. His eyes looked like they would crack into shards at any moment...


Oblivious to the look of fury upon Artemis' face Gilly turned to face the others in turn as they introduced themselves to the group; one of them looking barely old enough to shave.
When it became Threut’s turn to introduce himself, tossing his sword to the ground and declaring himself a pacifist and daring them to kill him a look of childlike joy appeared on the harlequins face "Can I?" she gasps in a child like voice as if the man had said she could have a cake or ride his horse as opposed to the prospect of cannibalism.
However before any of them including Gilly herself, could fully react to her statement she catches sight of the mans sword out of the corner of her eye, a concerned frown appearing on her face as she slowly kneels down and retrieves it "Are you sure you don't want this? could come in handy" she asks him in a calm and shockingly lucid tone of voice considering her previous outbursts.
Upon realising that he was indeed serious in his aim of not killing anything she shrugs her shoulders before beginning to awkwardly buckle the sword so that it hung across her back, passing the thick leather belt over her right shoulder and left armpit so that it wouldn't impede her legs when she would inevitably have to run. With the sword now securely fastened into place she glances up at the Grey Guard standing upon the wall and quickly realise that they had been stood here for far too long "We need to get out of here before they start shooting" she speaks in a perfectly sane voice whilst throwing her thumb over her shoulder at the guards before beginning to walk towards the grey smudge on the horizon; trees...the other man had said they were trees with the young boy already running for his life now seemed as good a time as any to get the hell out of here. Being eaten by a monster was one thing but she would be damned if she would be shot by a crossbow.
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