The Apocalypse is Upon Us



Greetings, Commander.

The year is 2014. Within the past months, international relations have become disastrous. Nations are at each other's throats, and many smaller, weaker states have sought the protection of larger ones. New alliances have formed, ones which will certainly drag many countries into war. The skies are blackened by clouds of war, and the world desperately tries to prepare itself for the catastrophic years ahead. Today, the apocalypse is upon us.

I have provided a map of all the major alliances in the world. As I have stated previously, the map is of poor quality, since I don't have anything fancy like photoshop. The file is too large even for our image resizer, so I have provided a link to the external source here.

Here is some information on the geopolitical atmosphere:

The Americas: USA and Canada have remained faithful to NATO, as expected. South and Central America's Spanish-speaking countries, with the exception of Venezuela, have formed an alliance known as Federación Unido de los Paises Latinamericanos (English: United Federation of the Latin American Countries). Venezuela has join the Russian alliance, and their forces, backed by Russian and Cuban troops, have exchanged fire with FUPL forces.

Europe: The NATO nations have convinced several others to join them. Several European countries, such as Sweden and Ukraine, have gone to great lengths to maintain their neutrality, actions that will almost certainly come back to haunt them. Russian leadership has persuaded Belarus to join Russia, and Belarusian forces fight alongside Russians.

Middle East: Since Israel has joined the ranks of NATO's allies, several Arab nations, such as Egypt, Syria and Iran, are leaning Russian. Iraq's pro-Western government, installed by the Coalition a short time ago, is unlikely to join Russia,but may feel the wrath of her neighbors as a result. Any faction that gains their influence will receive vast quantities much-needed petroleum, ensuring that the Middle East will become a vast battleground.

Africa: Most of Africa remains neutral, but the scattered oil deposits may become a target for oil-thirsty aggressors. Any nation that can influence the African states will gain an advantage, should such a conflict occur.

Asia:China and several surrounding nations have formed an alliance of their own, which has yet to enter any major conflict. North Korea's entry into the Chinese alliance has worried NATO-aligned Japan and South Korea. Australia and New Zealand, being major manpower suppliers to NATO, may be prone to attack. Despite their proximity, Russia has had little involvement in Asian affairs so far. Taiwan has not joined any alliance, but tensions with China will most likely result in armed conflict.

Current and potential battlefronts:

Alaska: Russia has found it almost comical that America sits on so much oil in Alaska, but has refused to drill for it, leading to constantly increasing dependance on foreign oil. Russian troops have landed in Alaska to begin an offensive.

East Europe: Norwegian and Finnish forces have sparred with the Russians in the north, in Finland and Karelia. Polish and Lithuanian forces launched a preemptive strike on Kaliningrad Oblast, and cleared the area of Russian forces. Further south, Russian and Belarusian troops have launched offensives into Europe, only to be blocked by NATO forces, mostly German, Polish, British, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Estonian, Latvian and Hungarian troops. USA and Canada, along with the rest of NATO, have only deployed a few troops to the area, but their numbers will spike dramatically in the near future.

Middle East: No shots have been fired yet, but Israel, Iraq and Turkey will likely be pitted against many of the surrounding nations.

Colombia/Venezuela: As mentioned above, Russian, Cuban and Venezuelan troops, have attacked FUPL forces along the border, and the conflict is escalating.

Cuba: Aside from limited involvement in the Colombian/Venezuelan front, Cuba has not deployed any troops overseas yet. However, Raúl Castro's regime has begun a conscription and military expansion campaign to bolster Cuban numbers in the face of conflict.

Korea: North and South Korea's tension was high even before the wars began, and they will likely end up at war. China is posed to support the North, while the South may receive support from NATO allies, especially Australia, USA, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Japan's military is well-trained and equipped, but lacks experience. Their contribution may be limited by the Japanese Constitution, although the section limiting overseas
deployment has been less and less enforced as of late.

India/Pakistan: Although neither country has joined an alliance, Indian and Pakistani troops have exchanged fire, and the war may become more serious as it continues.

If you have any other questions about the geopolitical atmosphere, please ask.

Now, Commander, this is where you come in. You are in command of a regiment of your choosing. Your task is to lead your regiment to victory on the battlefield. Your information is to be filled our like so:

Name: Your character's name. Although it is not mandatory, please try to keep your names relevant to your nationalities. Don't name your Chinese character Patrick O'Sullivan.
Faction: If your nation is unaligned, say "Neutral".
Rank: Since you are a regiment commander, your rank will likely be Lt. Colonel, Colonel, or Brigadier General.
Personality: Name a few traits, such as aggressive, compassionate, enthusiastic or pessimistic.
Bio: Keep it simple, 30-100 words should suffice.
Other Information: (Optional)

Title: May be real or fictional, specify as regiment, division, corps if known.
Strength: Between 3,000 and 5,000 men is realistic. Please mention other factors such as tanks and aircraft. Small arms information will be implied.
Other Information: (Optional)

As usual, no godplay.
Keep your characters and divisions realistic (you don't need as much detail as I have, but it's a nice bonus).
All that other crap I usually mention
And most importantly, try to vary your factions. Some time ago, we had a promising RP (Holy Wars - RPG, in case you're wondering) that never got off the ground because everybody chose the same side. I hope not to see that again.

Again, ask me anything about anything concerning this game if you need to know.

Good luck Commander, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

If needed, consult my character and regiment as examples.
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Name: Łukasz Borowski
Nation: Poland
Faction: NATO
Rank: Colonel
Personality: Dedicated, assertive, courageous, optimistic, sarcastic, empathetic, narcissistic.
Bio: A native of Poznań, Borowski graduated with honors from the Akademia Obrony Narodowej, or National Defense Academy, in Warsaw in 1996. He rose through the ranks of the Polish military fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and serving peacekeeping missions in Syria, Lebanon, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Other Information: Borowski is very linguistic, fluent in English, German and Russian as well as his native Polish. He is also very caring of his troops, saying "I never order my men to do anything I wouldn't do". Of course, there are very few things Borowski wouldn't do for his cause.

Title: 21st Mechanized Brigade, 16th Mechanized Division
Strength: 2,000 Infantry, 400 BWP-1 IFVs, 70 T-72 tanks, 50 PT-91 Twardy tanks, 6 9K33 Osa AA vehicles, 4 ZSU-23-4 AA vehicles, 5 S-125 Newa SAM systems, 28 ZU-23-2 AA guns


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I find a few things wrong with the map. Africa would be making alliances left and right, within itself and with other nations. Iraq, since it has a Coalition formed government, would be with NATO. Taiwan would most likely be taken by China early on, America doesn't officially recognise it anymore, India, being formerly British, along with other British possessions, would be NATO. Mongolia will be a major battleground, as will the areas of northern Japan and Manchuria. I'll join, but I just feel that changes should be made, but if you don't want the changes, that's fine as well.

Name: Martin Fromm
Nation: Germany
Faction: NATO
Rank: Oberst (Colonel)
Personality: fighter, believes in offensive, the big win, flamboyant, outspoken, nationalistic beyond measure, believes in the total annihilation and unconditional surrender of all nations against Germany
Bio: Born and raised a son of West Germany, Oberst Fromm is a fighter, battling bullies and oppressors since his days at the kindergarten. Ever since, he has worked against oppression, through force of arms, and lead troops in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now his home country.
Other Information: (Optional)

Title: 8th Westfalen infantry division
Strength: 4,200 soldiers, small vehicles, mortars.
Other Information: Armed with the G11, generally rejected, due to early design flaws, but have since been fixed. Also uses IdZ system (German version of Land Warrior), along with surveillence UAVs.
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I agree about Iraq, Taiwan and Mongolia. As for India, I think they definitely wouldn't be against NATO, but I'm not sure they would be so quick to join. They probably would eventually, though. As for Africa, I think there would be some small alliances, but the reason I didn't include them on the map is because I doubt they would join any of the big 4, except maybe South Africa, since they're a commonwealth nation.
Borowski gazed at the map laid out before him, pondering every last detail. Hovering in a Mil Mi-17 transport chopper over Lithuania, heading south to reunite with his regiment, he planned out every last detail of what he knew had to be done. The Russian forces, over a period of several months, had formed a battering ram that pummeled away at the wall formed by Poland, until a small fault had formed. The Russians had poured reinforcements into the gap, and advanced until they had formed a fissure that threatened to burst the NATO line. The Germans needed every man they could get to repel a potential amphibious assault on Germany's Baltic coast, should the allied navy not be able to stop them. Borowski's task was to take part in an assault on the Russian supply lines. The Russians needed to be starved of supplies so that the NATO troops could wipe them up.

"And so", he said to Lt. Col. Jan Mankiewicz, pointing at various spots on the map, "my idea is that we could stun Ivan with a quick flank attack by 2nd battalion, followed by a strike from the rear by 3rd battalion. After that, they should be sitting ducks for 16th regiment's main assault. What do you think?"
"Great plan", said Mankiewicz, who had spaced out for much of Borowski's spiel. "We'll really get them this time!" The chopper pressed on, and landed near Lithuania's southern border.


tom fletcher

Nation: england
Faction: NATO

Rank: sergeant
Personality: atheist, racist and sheer determination to win this goddamn war.
Bio: born in norwich, grew up with a good education, joined the army at the age of 25, he has a family that lives in norfolk. he commands a section of crack paratroopers and is on good terms with all of them.

Title: parachute regiment

Strength: 4,680 men, 15 helicopters, 5 armoured cars.
Other Information: tom himself is armed with a modified SA-80, tom has moved the magazine to a position in front of the trigger grip, instead of behind, and has fitted it with enhanced optical sights and a foldable grenade launcher. he is also armed with grenades and a fighting knife.
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And most importantly, try to vary your factions. Some time ago, we had a promising RP (Holy Wars - RPG, in case you're wondering) that never got off the ground because everybody chose the same side. I hope not to see that again.
This is exactly what I was afraid of. Everybody's joining NATO. We need more diversity to keep this RP going.

Justin Michael

Eric Von Trofsky

Nation: Russia!
Faction: Russia!

Rank: Brigadier General.
Personality: Nationalistic, Bold, and Jolly; yet Cunning, Severe, and Diciplined

Bio: Eric had always been a bright lad, who was also very active. His genius and ability was noticed by his superiors and hence his position and rank.
Other Information: He leads the 25th Spetsnaz Guard of 3,000 men. Being the leader of such a large force of special forces gives him more power and authority than most contemporaries of his rank.

Title: 25th Spetsnaz Guard

Strength: 3,000; 120 armored personnel carriers; 170 helicopters

Eric sat starring at the wall. Then he decided that he should probably act mature and look at the man talking to him. They were going over the legal ramifications that might occure because of "secret ops" actions. Wasn't the goal of "secrect ops" to keep them a secret? He looked at the clock.
"Thank you, Daniel," he interupted, "but the time for this meeting has come to an end," he sighed. "We'll have to pick it up sometime latter." Eric quickly hustled David out the door and sat back down at his desk to review blueprints of Pakistani nuclear facilities.

Chi Swan
Nation: China

Faction: China
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Personality: Devious, Egotistical, and Atheistic; yet Loyal, Optimistic, and Careful
Bio: Born to a rich family, Chi received the best schooling; and it payed off. Chi entered the Ministery of State Security (MSS) and quickly attained his possition as a foreign anylist.

Title: Second Bureau (Foriegn Affairs)

Chi sipped a cup of water. The cone shapped paper cup hung shortly in his hand before he crunched it and tossed it into the waste basket besides the water cooler. Wipping the water off his hand on the seat of his pants, Chi sat down in his swivel chair. There on his computer screen was a data sheet containing the newest estimates of Taiwanese air power. Why he was studying these, he had no idea. They could crush Taiwan as easily as he had just crushed that soggy water cup!

Aaron Dwight

Nation: United States of America
Faction: NATO

Rank: Brigadier General.
Personality: Patriotic, Feirce, and Self-Motivated; yet Compasionate, Humble, and Gracious

Bio: An Alaskan fisherman's son, Aaaron learned that smarts got you farther in life than brawn, although he had both. Entering the army at the age of eighteen, Aaron has worked hard in class and on the field to prove himself.
Other Information:

Title: 101st Airborne


All five companies of the 101st had dropped into strategic possitions in the Alaskan wilderness last night to stop the advance of the Russian invasion. Some said to stall, others said to slow. Aaron said to stop; so that is what they would do. He sat in a field tent waiting for breakfast; today was going to be a long day.

Orlando Vaos

Nation: Chile
Faction: FUPL

Rank: Colonel
Personality: Pessimistic, Womanizer, and Cold-hearted; yet Dedicated, Strong, and Orderly
Bio: Orlando, like many in the Chillian Army, received his rank through war experience. In other words, when the bullets stopped flying, he perchanced to be the highest ranking officer still alive.
Other Information: Family in drug business.

Title: 16th Armored Division
Strength: 100 MOWAG Piranha; and 20 helicopters

"We are so screwed!" screamed Orlando at his adjutant. Liutenant Ernesto Grigo started to mumble something and then stopped. "What kind of alliance is the FUPL if we can't even coordinate our military actions?" yelled Orlando. Of course, it never occured to him that he should be more willing to use his troops to help other commanders. "The United States is slaughtering the Mexicans! We'll be next!" Geographically, this statement made no sence, but Ernesto understood the sentiment.
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Thanks for your contribution, Justin.

Name: Nikolai Vasilevich
Nation: Russia
Faction: Russia
Rank: Colonel
Personality: Cold, Atheistic, Ruthless and Apathetic, he values his objective more than the lives of his men.
Bio: Nikolai Vasilevich was born in Voronezh and raised in Volgograd. He was raised on epic tales of the city in which he lived, once known as Stalingrad, and the glorious battle that had taken place there. He dedicated his life at an early age to following in the footsteps of his great grandfather, who fought for the Soviets in WWII. He attended several military academies, and fought insurgents in Georgia and South Ossetia.
Other Information: His tactics are based on those employed by Soviet generals during WWII. Unfortunately, that entails throwing men at the enemy until they submit. To support his crude strategy, he has convinced his superiors to pressure the government for more conscripts.

Title: 16th Guards Independent Motor-Rifle Brigade
Strength: 2,500 infantry, 300 BTR-80s, 20 T-72 tanks, 10 9K33 Osa AA vehicles.

Vasilevich stood at the end of the beach where his men had just landed under the cover of night. Somehow, the Russian fleet had avoided detection by the much larger NATO fleet, and slipped through the Bering strait to land in Alaska. He could make out the dark figures prancing about the beach, unloading equipment and supplies. The cold bit into his little exposed flesh, and he pulled his coat tighter. "Curse this country", he thought. "As soon as we secure that oil Uncle Sam foolishly left untapped, I'm double-timing back to Russia."
Name: Dae-Hyun Park
Nation: North Korea
Faction: China
Rank: Taejwa (between Colonel and Brigadier General)
Personality: Assertive, Proud, Demanding, Stern, Elitist
Bio: Park was one of the lucky few born into an elite family in North Korea. His father was a politician and advisor tho the Great Leader. He received the highest education North Korea could offer, and gained his position through contacts. He also recived military training in China.
Other Information: He shares the vision of a unified Korea under the rule of the Great Leader. He believes that unification is a cause worth dying for.

Title: 2nd Rifle Brigade
Strength: 3,800 Infantry, 30 BTR-60s, 5 ZSU-57-2 AA guns, 3 SU-100 Assault guns.

Park stood upon the watchtower just north of the DMZ. He fantasized about mobilizing the troops below him in a massive assault on the capitalist southern pigs. He knew his dream would come true one day. He would take Seoul, or die trying.
Borowski departed from the chopper, and proceeded to the nearest communications outpost to relay his orders. In a swift move, the Polish forces began their sweep of the tensely-stretched Russian lines. Borowski's regiment pounded the hasty Russian fortifications with fire from their IFVs and tanks, and cleared out pockets of infantry with well-placed small arms fire. Borowski's plan was, as usual, designed to eliminate as many Russians while losing as few of his own men as possible. The Polish troops used every bit of cover they could get to keep a low profile, and maintain the element of surprise. They attacked the weakest Russian positions first, in order to break their lines quickly and commence the assault on the Russian supply lines.


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It was a horribly stormy day in the kingdom of Denmark, rain all over the place, waves high enough to engulf any boat stupid enough to go out in this weather, the lightning piercing the dark and making it bright as day for a moment limited optical night vision, causing everybody to rely solely on thermal imaging, if they had it. Martin had no idea why they were guarding a Danish beach, when there was a zero percent chance that they would get invaded in the worst storm of the decade. A few minute later, his question was answered.

In the distance, ships were headed toward the beach, most of them actually riding the waves in some parts. Their markings were clearly Russian. The new question was how they got this far without getting caught. At the moment now, that didn't matter. "I want mortars on those ships now! All riflemen, prepare to make a defensive line. We're going to stop the Russian invaders, right here, right now." As if on perfect cue, the first mortar launched right after Martin's orders, and streaked toward the closest Russian vessel. It was a strike, and caused all the other mortarmen to launch their ordinance. Unfortunately, the majority of the mortars didn't have the luck of their first brother's and many of them landed mostly in the water, the only harm caused by splashing. Out of the nearly 40 ships in the attack, only 2 sunk, 5 were driven back, and another 1 severely damaged, but still keeping up the attack.

Than, the Russian vessels came ashore, most of them beached, high up on the shore, some of them totally out of the water, unable to be released back into the water, without serious help. As soon as they were beached, the doors opened, to reveal nothing but T95 tanks, no foot soldiers at all. "Find a safe spot, get to cover, and hook up to the UAVs. We need the PzF3s here now! Get those tanks destroyed." About 15 minutes later, of everybody hiding in various places, watching the T95s roll by, the first Panzerfaust 3-IT-600 fired at the first T95, stopping it, hopefully permanently. But there were only enough PzF3s to stop about a third of the tanks. "HQ. We have about 400 Russian tanks going south from our position. Yes in this weather. We need more anti-tank material now. We're starting small arms fire with the Russian ship crews. Yes in big LST type ships. Alright." And it was true. The Germans had boarded the ships and were busy taking out the crews.
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Justin Michael

Commando Victor Krieg pointed to a map pinned to the wall with a collapsable pointer.
"These are the plans laid down for us by Brigadier General Eric Von Trofsky. The nuclear armory will be entered silently, and our mission shall be executed quickly. After First Squad scrambles the survallence, Second Squad will take out the guards at the main entrance here," he tapped the map. "It is essential that we go unnoticed at this stage. Third Squad will move in and unlock the gate; meanwhile First and Second squad will cover them. Once in, each squad will advance to the three armories in correspondence to their number. Therefore, it will be Third Squad's job to confiscate the nuclear war heads. First and Second squad will place detonators in the first two armories to destroy the missles. All weaponry, explosive devises, and uniforms shall be of Indian millitary standard." Victor Krieg had a evil smile on his face. "We shall enter and leave Pakistan through the Indian border."


Name: Lahkmi Singh
Faction: Neutral
Rank: Colonel
Personality: Sportsmanlike, Flamboyant, and Aggressive.
Bio: Born into a high caste family Lahkmi according to tradition joined the military. His high caste and interest in Polo caused him to be reassigned to the the 61st cavalry, the world's last horse mounted cavalry unit and one of the finest polo teams in the world. From there he climbed up the ranks to be colonel of the regiment.
Title:61st Cavalry
Strength: 3,000 Cavalrymen.5 Al-Talha Apc's and 2 Bofors 40mm L/70
Other Information: Last official Mounted Cavalry unit on the planet.

Colonel Singh sat down in the transport plane for a long ride. Apparently in a good will mission his regiment the 61st had been given the unenviable task of not ONLY playing polo against a Pakistani polo team in Pakistan but to further the godwill mission and signs of cooperation, his entire regiment, minus armoured vehicles would be honorary guards at a Pakistani nuclear armory. No doubt afterwards they would be searched and constantly watched. Despite all this stress however he managed to keep a straight face in the polo match against the ridiculously poor Pakistanis before retiring with the rest of the regiment to guard the nukes. "Ah well", he said to himself,"Tonight I shall sleep like a baby for all the stress that has happened to me today." "Attendant!" "Yes Sir!" "Please be so nice as to wake me up if anything odd happens. Like HA HA HA! A terrorist attack." "Sir? You don't..." "Bah this place is buttoned up tighter than the security around the president of the United States I'm SURE we have no concern on our nice little nuclear armory." "Sir? Have you ever wondered why the Pakistanis are letting us do this?" "Tensions are high my friend, they want to make it look like Pakistan and India are united in neutrality. In fact my concern is the Chinese... But, for now good night attendant." "Night sir, I'll wake you up if there are difficulties."


Borowski stood at his post, watching the explosions and smoke rising from the distance. Suddenly, Mankiewicz burst onto the scene. "Colonel Borowski", he said with a salute, "I just received word from High Command that Ivan somehow slipped past our Baltic fleet, and they landed in Denmark. The Danes and Germans are holding them back, but they'll need to divert their manpower to repel the attack. Our mission just became critical."
"Tell the men about the priority change, but don't trouble them with the big news yet", Borowski replied.

The Polish troops received the new orders, and charged through the last Russian lines with a new haste. As their squads arrived at the supply lines, they wasted no time and spared no effort. They ambushed supply convoys with small arms and explosives, while the engineers rigged bridges and tunnels with demolition charges, and mined and booby trapped whatever they could.
Vasilevich followed the armada of APCs before him in his own armored car. Before they came into eyeshot of the American position, he ordered his men to dismount and continue on foot. Upon arriving at the encampment, they started with a barrage of machine gun fire, under which they advanced. As soon as they came within range, another volley from their grenade launchers followed, with rounds floating well over the walls and detonating within the base. The Russian offensive in Alaska had officially begun.

Justin Michael

Three Indian millitary trucks rumbled across the rugged Pakistani terrain in the middle of the night. Victor Krieg sat at the back of truck number three.
"Comrades, you're not going to believe this! Not even the gods could orchestrate something so magnificent," he blasphemed, "Tomarrow morning an Indian cavalry brigade is supposed to guard a Pakistani nuclear facility as a symbol of peace between the two nations!" The commandos stared in unbelief. "And not just any nuclear facility, he continued, "Our nuclear facility."
"You joke!" said one man in amazement.
"I joke not, comrades! This mission tonight will create a political crisis unseen by the world since the bombing of Pearl Harbor!" exaulted Victor, "Long live Russia!"
"Long live Russia!" repeated the men with a fist pump.

The trucks stopped several miles outside of the facility. The men continued on foot, careful to avoid the perimeter security. First Team blinded the security cameras while Second Team possitioned themselves to take out the guards. At the signal of First Team, Second Team took out the guards with three silent sniper shots. Third Squad moved up to the gate and went to work on the lock. It was open in under fourteen seconds. Under the cover of shadows, all three teams moved to their objectives.

First Team advanced to the first armory. Commando Viegle hacked the computer console and unlocked the door. Commando Skorsky pushed it open and scanned the room over the sights of his silenced sub-machine gun. Moving in, with Commando Kruech covering their rear, the team raced to the missiles. Commando Lenin covered the door to the next room. He sat silently listening for any sounds from the next room.

Second Team went through the same motions in the second armory. Except, in real life, nothing happens the same way twice. As Commando Galin pushed open the door, a man challenged them.
"Who is there?" he demanded in Urdu. Galin answered him with a bullet. A second man appeared from behind a missile with electrical testing equipment in his hands.
"Hey!" he yelled. Galin shot him too.
"Hey! How's it going?" answered Galin in Urdu to the dead man, "Everyting working correctly?"
"Yes, everything is in functioning order," continued Commando Javier in Urdu.
"Good, I was just checking," replied Galin.
"Good work, comrades," whispered Commando Borgen in Russian.

Victor Krieg pushed the door open with his finger tight on the trigger. Three men dropped dead in the space of a breath. Two hit the floor, but it did them no good. Victor's bullets sent them on to the next life. Third Team moved into the doughnut shapped room and cleared it out. None had a chance to yell, let alone set off the alarms. Then they quickly set about hacking into the seurity system to allow them access into the inner chamber. The armory holding the nuclear warheads was under a much tigher lockdown. However, before a minute's time, the team was in. Each commando had a special pack on his back designed to carry the heads. They also had a pack for each of their comrades in First and Second Team. Once they were loaded, the entire strike force rondezvoued and gathered the packs.

Extradition was rather easy. Once the trucks were a few miles away from the facility, both armories exploded. The shock wave was still tremendous.


Sergeant James Blunt was sitting in his fox hole. Rather, he was drownding in his fox hole. The weather had been less than dry for the last few days, and Blunt was as wet a a fish because of it.
"Who ordered this weather?" he demanded with a few choice words.
"You're the one cussing up a storm over there, sarg," replied Private Flintwood with an enormous smile.
"You're lucky I'm stuck in this mud or I'd kick your -- butt," said Blunt. Flintwood changed the subject.
"When do you think they'll assult our possition?" he asked. As if on cue, machine gun fire opened up.
"Would you keep your mouth shut, jinx?" yelled Blunt, calling Flintwood by his nick-name. He jumped and brought his M-16 to his shoulder. Sure enough, the Russians were comming. Both he and Flintwood opened fire at the same time.
"I trained him well," thought Blunt. The sounds of the battle were so intense, he hardly heard himself. Just then a tank rolled into view. Using the tank for cover, a squad of Russian soldiers rushed his foxhole. With a hollow pop, a grenade flew from Private Flintwood's grenade launcher mounted underneath his M-16. In a bang, all but one left this world. Blunt sent the survivor on his way too with a clean shot to the pumkin. The tank brought its 50 cal. to bear on their foxhole.
"Would someone get rid of that tank!" screamed Flintwood. The tank errupted into a ball of fire.
"On second though, jinx, please keep talking!" yelled Sergeant Blunt.


Chi stood grinding his foot into the floor.
"What do you mean 'WE DON'T KNOW'?" he screamed. "I want to know; so, therefore, you WILL find out!"
"Uh, yes, sir," stammered Agent Si Hu.
"How does a transport sail all the way from Israel to Taiwan without anybody finding out what is on board that TRANSPORT?!" Chi looked as if he were about to pop a blood vessel. For a brief moment Agent Si thought the veins on Chi's face looked like a map of the Hwang Ho River. But only briefly. Chi clenched his jaw and the vessels rearranged themselves to look like the Hwang Hi River. It was only a slight difference, but a difference none the less. Then Si was drawn back to the current situation when a crunched water cup flew past his head.
"Yes, sir," Si quickly fled Chi's office.


Orlando swatted at a a fly buzzing in his face. Even for Equador, this was a hot day.
"Would I like to go to the cantina," he mumbled.
"What is that, sir," asked his adjudant.
"I'd like to kick those American's butts!" he yelled.
"Oh, yes, sir, but how?"
"Oh, I don't know, maybe I'll put you in a tank and stick you on 'em," snapped Orlando. His adjudant opened his mouth but then shut it. Everyone was edgy these days. Defeat and heat were no pleasant company. Just then General Ortega of the Eqidorian Army walked in.
"Alright, amigos, we have our orders," he said.
"Commit suicide?" asked Orlando.
"We cannot accept defeat! We must be victorious! If our officers talk like this, how can we expect our men to fight?" demanded Ortega.
"Forgive me, General, the heat is getting to me," mummbled Ortega. He starred at a picture of Jennifer Lopez on the wall.
"Well, let us go over the plans," said Ortega. He walked over to the wall and pinned the map over the picture. "Here and here are were your tanks should advance," the General pointed.
"They're not tanks, they're --"
"This shall provide a distraction while my men cross the Amazon over here," the General interrupted. Orlando sighed. He clossed his eyes and started imagining doing naughty things with J Lo.
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By "Pakistani" I assume you mean Urdu.
Vasilevich continued watching the battle from his armored car. "Now for the main event", he said with a smirk, as his armada of IFVs stormed towards the American base. With bursts of .50 cal MG fire and barrages from the main guns, the IFVs pounded the American defenses, in attempt to provide more cover for the advancing infantry. From his position, Vasilevich saw one of his precious few tanks burst into flame. He cursed loudly, before shouting into his radio "WHATEVER JUST WRECKED THAT TANK, TAKE IT OUT! DESTROY IT'S EXISTENCE!". His own men, not knowing what had caused the tank's demise, felt they had no choice but to fire their heaviest weapons at random until they hit something.


Colonel Singh pulled himself from the wreckage which had been the officer's quarter in the barracks by the nuclear armory. "My god!", he said to himself looking at the sorrounding destruction. In the distance he could hear the cries of those buried alive in the rubble, he knew there would be no helping them. Quickly he gathered up his command, out of a thousand men in the silo area he could only find seven-hundred and three of them. Only four-hundred and fifty could mount up on a horse. Looking arround the bloody, dirty faces of his remaining command he spotted his attendant. "Attendant what happened?" "I... have no idea sir" he responded in an unusually weak voice. "From what I can tell, the armory was destroyed, by whom I do not know, nor for what reason. It is fortunate that the nuclear warheads didn't detonate." "Perhaps not sir... On the other hand you realize... that the Pakistanis will more than likely declare... war on India. It will not be long now, the world is slowly being engulfed by the flames of war... Perhaps, we who die here are fortunate to not see what this world shall become..." *HACK* *HACK* "Attendant? Attendant? No, no, he is dead, he must not believe in reincarnation though... For he shall see what happens to this world..." Realizing that the Pakistanis were more than likely to declare war on India, Singh decided his only choice was to evacuate his unit, or what remained of it. And so after gathering up the rest of his command at a barracks further away, during which a gun battle ensued, 29,451 men rode into the rough terrain of Pakistan towards India in hopes that they could shake all pursuers and get home. However in the rough terrain one of the soldiers brought to Singh's attention tire tracks which seem to indicate that some trucks had left the armory's area, and by accident they had followed them quite a distance. Looking down at the tracks he realized that those truly responsible for the destruction had taken that path. With that he ordered the tracks followed. The cahse was on.


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Tonder, Denmark

"EFK, yes, they are in Tonder. I realise that we have to hold them off, but I don't think we have enough PzF3s here. We need a lot more of them to take out these tanks. The sneak attack during the storm was great, but now that the weather is clear, and they have the beachheads, they can land more tanks on the shore, and we only have 40 Pzf3s with us. Look, we're near the border, just send some over. Yes sir. We;ll hold out as long as we can. Yes sir. Wiedersehen."

Martin walked over to his immediate subordinates, and told them the news. "We'll have to hold the Ruskies off here at Tondor. We only have 40 Pzf3s left, and we won't get anymore unless if we push them back, or we get knocked into Germany. Now, knowing me, you know that I won't let the latter happen. We have a lot of Stielhandgranaten and Teller mines that we've rigged up, hopefully they'll stop the tanks. They'll be here very soon, and they're very angry for the first crews that were lost. I want every street covered behind this line, with the rest of the Pzf3s in ready, in case we miss a few tanks. Understand?" Everybody answered to the affirmative, and left to form the lines.


a transport plane flying into denmark.

tom opened the side door on the plane and jumped out, the parachute regiment had just been given orders to reinforce the crumbling NATO line in denmark, the mission breifing and been ridiculously short and the paras had simply been told simply to 'kill the commies' (brilliant. just brilliant.) as a result, he had no idea what they would be up against. tom landed on the ground and quickly disentangled himself from his parachute. he checked his SA-80 before looking around, he saw that two men had landed in a nearby field. he ran over to them. it was bryan and james, the anti-tank crew from tom's section. they preparing their milan infantry anti-tank weapon for combat. "hiya sarge," said bryan,"any idea where we are?"
"nope. but we might as well find out" tom said. bryan and james stood up. the trio ran towards a nearby road. bryan and james assumed a covering position whilst tom walked over to a road sign. "welkom to tonder." tom read out loud. "ever heard of it?" he asked.
"nope." came the instantaneous reply.

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Once they made it into India, the Russians were met by stealth helicopters and lifted back into Russia. It was Victor Krieg's job to accompany the warheads. At a specified rendezvous point, he and Commando Viegle sat under sniper camouflage, looking more like swamp things than military personnel. The warheads were in cases covered as well by camouflage. His eye flicked from his sniper scope down to is watch and then back again. Two minutes. He slowly scanned the horizon. Nothing. No clouds of dust; nothing. One minute. He caught Viegle's eye. All clear. Wait. There in the distance he could see the rising of dust. It was a great cloud, or else he would not have been able to see it from so far off. From the opposite direction he heard the helicopters closing in. Fifteen seconds. He scanned the local area quickly and then sprung from his cover. Pulling the straps of the first case, he handed it to a waiting commando in the helicopter. Others jumped out while he revealed the hiding places of the other two cases. Viegle continued covering them from his hiding spot. Then he heard his voice in his ear.
"Krieg, do you read me?"
"That dust cloud is causes by the Indian cavalry." He didn't have to specify which Indian cavalry. It was the only one.
"I know. They're not taking any trouble to hide their advance, so I'm assuming that they don't know we're here. They went to Pakistan to play Polo, not wage war. They aren't preparred to track us or fight us."
"Warheads are loaded; let's go."

Krieg and Viegle stood at attention in front of Brigadier General Eric Von Trofsky. He reached for a pin on a red velvet pillow and pinned it on Krieg's laupel. The new Order of the Sickle. A golden skull and sickle on a red backround. First Class had a golden rim too.


It was cold. Blunt stuffed a warmer into his boot and then quickly pulled it on. Thank God the railroads were still open. New roads were being built as fast as asphalt could harden. The Russians had launched a campaign to halt the progression of supplies travelling to Alaska. Russian aircraft carriers and battle squadrons were all over the North Pacific trying to bomb the living daylights out of those roads. He heard that the dogfights between modern jets were just insane. He looked at the forest around him. This was insane. As he looked at the snow drifts, he imagined hudge waves and battleships blasting away with their guns. Wait a second, that last blast wasn't his immagination; that was real! He jumped out of his revalrie and brought his gun to his shoulder. He now had a few RPGs in his fox hole with him. Several more artillery regiments had joined the one that had held off the tanks last time. He looked over at Flintwood and Murdock. Reinforcements had come too. They were alert and ready.


Si called in sick. He was going to get sick if his contact didn't arrive soon. He couldn't face Chi unless he had information, and information was proving hard to come by. Finnaly, a woman walked up, handed him an envelope, and walked away. Si immediately retreated to his waiting car. As the driver pulled off, Si examined the contents of the envelope. There were four photographs of the cargo being loaded onto the offending transport. Missiles.


The attack had failed. Just like he had said it would. The bright side was General Ortega was dead too. This left Orlando as the ranking officer. Now it was time to kick the American's butts. Orlando submitted his first plan of action to his adjutant seconds after he received the news that he was in command. The adjutant looked startled at first, but then he smilled.
"Right away, sir." Orlando had had plenty of time to work these plans out between bathroom trips. General Ortega, peace be with him, was one of those commanders who did not delegate any power to his subordinates and did everthing himself. It was his way of making sure that all glory went to him.
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David Schofield

Name: Van Der Merwe, Emmanuel W.
Nation: South Africa
Faction: SABMNPMC- South African Based Multi-National Private Military Corperation
Rank: Co-founder
Personality: Paranoid, Aggressive, Influential, Intimidating and Opto-Pessimistic.
Bio: A 'frontliner', Emmanuel has been known to leave the comfort of his wealthy suburb to join larger groups of his employees on-field in tough assignments. Though mentally scarred from his previous services as a soldier and colonel in the South African military during an HIV epedimic, he has great capability as sniper, vehicle operator, and C.O. He is incredibly well-respected by his men, and though he co-founded SABMNPMC, he has prowess for his great field abilities and has been selected by many of his country as the only hope against the foreign aggressors, namely China and Russian forces, however, the recent ignition of multiple civil wars within South Africa has put SABMNPMC to the top, making it the most respected and powerful military force in all of South Africa.
Other Information: His great personal wealth allows him the ability to purchase a small African country of his own, if it was in his better judgement to do so. However, he depends on his men to bring back spoils of war and confiscated technology, vehicles, and weapons, to keep the fight strong.

Strength: Corprate level, 7,000 Mercenaries globally, 3,788 based in South Africa. Access to S.A. military vehicles and weaponry. Vehicles owned by the S.A. include Reumech-produced vehicles, converted Technicals (primarilly new-model Toyota Hilux's, Nissans, and Land Rovers.). Weapons are often Standard-issue. However, spoil weapons are passed around if they beat the standard issue firearm in class suitability. Issue-weapons are often assigned to specialists, these specialists being of Assault, machine gun, Sniper teams, individual sniper, and Scout inflitrators.

Standard issue pistols are carried by every member unless replaced by a better weapon. Standard Issue Pistol= S.I.P.- Vektor SP2

Assault- Vektor CR-21 or Protecta shotguns, either or, but with S.I.P.
Machine gun- Vektor SS77 with S.I.P.
Sniper group- 3 man teams (of any man and one sniper) carrying one NTW-20 Heavy Anti Material Rifle, each man with S.I.P.
Sniper- Truvelo .50BMG and S.I.P.
Scout- Mechem BXP w/wo silencer and S.I.P. w/wo silencer.
Some soldiers are also equipted with PAW-20 grenade launchers or Milkor MGL's.

Other Information: Off-duty vehicles are painted in standard-steril white uniform with black and red SABMNPMC labeled somewhere on a visible area of the vehicle. They are refitted with a different camoflauge for each specific mission the mercenary team is sent on.
Because Mercenary teams are so small, and the corperation requires the best of the best for proper functionality, the best of the best in soldiers are hired for the jobs and employment, taking a steady payroll while dishing out up to and beyond Navy SEAL preformance for a fee. With 3,788 in reserve, South African defense requires such preformance because African oil and diamond reserves are growing ever-more important to outsiders.
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"*COUGH* *COUGH* Liutenant! Why must these horses make such a dust cloud? We can probably be seen for miles! I don't know why the Pakistanis haven't caught up with us yet!" That's because we're in India sir." "India, these rogues are Indians?" "Unless they're from Kashmir I doubt it, after all they did leave us in the lurch." "I suppose..." "Wait Colonel over there, do you see it some figures over there!" "Hmmm... I see, are they vultures?" "I'll look through my binoculars... Nope they're men and either they're some well equipped "nomads" or they're who we're looking for." "Is there a way to get their attention?" Sir none of our rifles have that range, we have only carbines not longarms, not too mention only two marksmen who we know are proficient at their gun's maximum range." "Officers?" "Pistols and sabres, if I must refresh to you all the other men have sabres and numerous polo clubs." "So you're saying there's no way to get them within our kill zone without them recognizing us, and this dustcloud we're making has already been spotted..." "In other words sir we can order the fastest horseman to move as quickly as possible, but we probably will not catch them." I say we should let the men rest and you, me and some of the other officers armed with carbines follow the frontrunners." "Brilliant Lieutenant relay it through the command dispatch front runners, let the men rest then I need volunteers to come with me!" Soon the larger body of horseman stopped to rest with the fastest well bred horses going in hot pursuit of the mysterious figures, the front runners were followed by some officers...