The Abyss vs. Patriots?

Sycho Man

Who do you guys think will win? The Abyss hasnt lost a battle yet and half of the Patriots are KO'ed constantly!


well, it's still unclear.....

undoubtedly the Abyss has the best duelers,
but for fort batlle, it takes more than just good men.

last time the Patriots lost due from absoloutely "unwise" (i can't call my ally stupid)
strategy and bad command system; in fact, if the onliners can be more unified,
the attackers still have a good chance to win the battle.

If the next fort battle can be well organized and manipulated,
the defenders don't seem advantageous.

Kofi Annan

lol at this thread.

i hope neither side ever wins and they are at war with eachother for ever, much better than stupid hugger alliances.

Sycho Man

I hope so to Kofi Annan

Join in the attack of Osaka Castle if you wish to stand beside the best!

Ken McCoy

The Abyss is a strong town. I will admit that anytime. The Sharpshooters is a not bad town too. I'll admit it all, and at the end of the day it's just a game :)

Sycho Man

All correct lol but you will see the true power of The Sharpshooters in the upcoming fort battle

Sycho Man

Amen to that !

Lets have some fun here shall we ? Way to many take this game to seriusly
it is only a game :razz:
true but it kind of makes it better

oh and did you guys have fun getting KO'ed


yep i helped win that fort battle..Props to Sycho great job leading the battle!!

Sycho Man

Ken you need to make the battles so there will be onliners if you would have done it around 22 gm i bet you would have had a full attack on Sharpshooters Nest oh and you should stay in your own chat

Kid Tex

Just watching the banter is great...That being said the line has been drawn and we are seeing a shift in towns and alliances and the power that each have. I do not have to banter about because I know our capabilities and so do our foes. Ken McCoy I am sure you will win some battles it is a numbers thing. We will in our alliance play with honor even in a game...I said my part.

Sycho Man

Ken i kind of hate to say it but you guys need to win a few so it makes things i bit harder

Ken McCoy

It is just a game and I love fights. Sycho Man is a great for leader. We will win some soon soon Sycho :) haha