strange pop up?


yes but where on the map were you? It might have been triggered by that specific job location.

Lorraina Thornton

yes but where on the map were you? It might have been triggered by that specific job location.
I'm with druantia... it was probably random... besides... none of my friends have gotten it from the location I was in.


What happened in your account after the pop up? Did you get bonus UP bonds or money or exp or items or nuggets or anything?


I get a pop up say this
An einem Pfahl hängt ein Plakat. In großen Lettern steht darauf "Pasteten-Ede endlich vertrieben! Clifford konnte ihn aus dem Land hetzen." Erleichterung macht sich breit als du die frohe Nachricht liest. Doch wie lange wird die Ruhe anhalten?

Google translate

At one pole hangs a poster. In big letters it is "sold pies-Ede finally! Clifford was able to rush him out of the country." Relief spreads as you read the good news. But how long will the rest?

OK, I am lost

Maybe I should put up poster or print newspaper
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Does the pop up stay on your screen? Or it pops up and fades away like achievements/server errors etc?


Was everyone who's gotten a pop-up online when a job was completed? I'm wondering if I'm missing out by keeping minimal tabs open.


got the pop up when I've reached some town for market pickups (Colorado/B4/Parse)

Als du wieder deinen üblichen Pfad durch das Gebirge reitest, erinnerst du dich plötzlich an den Pfad zu der mysteriösen Höhle, den du vor ein paar Wochen entdeckt hast. Leider findest du ihn beim besten Willen nicht mehr. Du kommst enttäuscht auf der anderen Seite des Berges an.

As you ride back to your usual path through the mountains, you suddenly remember the path to the mysterious cave, you've discovered a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, you will find him no longer the best of intentions. You get disappointed on the other side of the mountain.
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new one, just after I've finished 5minutes of Roam the land as a gambler :

With a loud bang and a fiery tail in front of you will see a very merkwüdiger sight. A carriage of metal, without horses, moreover, very flat. A door opens and an elderly white-haired man gets out. He seems to be a bit confused, because when he comes towards you, he calls you constantly Marty and asks what year was well. Once you've helped him, he mumbles something about "damn flux capacitor", rises and disappears into the coach with a fiery tail in Nichts.Hmm, maybe you can take the new knowledge again, 7 Experience.


So it only gives you exp once in a while, and you can't do anything with it after? Or you have to solve some mystery quest?


I got one - what do i do now ??

msg -

Du quälst dich gerade über einen engen Bergpass, als du zur linken einen Pfad siehst. Der war letztes Mal noch nicht hier, ein Erdrutsch muss hier das Geröll entfernt haben. Neugierig folgst du dem Pfad. Nach ein paar Stunden Anstrengung und Kletterei findest du eine Höhle. Nach ein paar Metern lässt das Tageslicht nach, gerade als der relativ enge Eingang sich zu einer größeren Hühle zu öffnen scheint. Da du leider keine Streichhölzer dabei hast, musst du leider umkehren. Du hoffst, später einmal zurückkehren zu können.

Du fühlst dich geschafft und verlierst 2% deiner Maximalerholung

Google translated ...

You torment just over a narrow mountain pass, as you can see a path to the left. The last time was not yet here, a landslide here must have removed the debris. Curious you are following the path. After a few hours of effort and climbing you'll find a cave. After a few meters can be according to the daylight, seems just as the relatively narrow entrance to open to a larger Hühle. Unfortunately, since you have no matches there, unfortunately you have to repent. You hope to be able to go back later once.

You feel like you made ​​it and lose 2% of your maximum recovery

Any ideas ?? Where is the cave ??


I think the translation makes sense ... if i got that (or similar) in english i will still be saying ... what ???????