Spooky fort battle review


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Rekindling the fort fight fun isn't a good enough reason?
Maybe in the past, where game was somewhat balanced.. with rewards, formulas, gear etc
That being said, thankfully there still few people after that, even though Inno doing its best to kill them all.
In a timeline where workers and advents pick Damager because it gives higher personal rewards, no, it isn't.
Hail Inno! (or MTG now?)
I really would strongly recommend just giving the same rewards to people on both sides, regardless of the outcome. Otherwise, this whole idea risks becoming a farcical exercise.
Main reason of higher rewards for Winners is to encourage a "proper" battle where both sides doing their best to win.

But since Attacking is ridiculously easy (Intentionally by Game mechanics + much easier LoS control) and Defense ridiculously hard.. then add Randomness on top of that.. Why bother to Defend? Especially if u don't know for sure that there will be someone who will Lead the battle, which is a rare sight?


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Main reason of higher rewards for Winners is to encourage a "proper" battle where both sides doing their best to win. [....]
probably true in an ideal world, but as we all agree the game is less than ideal :p

If people knew they will get the same rewards, regardless of win/lose, they will have no problems defending. Much the same way as in the regular battles, people will go to defenses, even if they know the attack is OP, since they know they'll get the same bond rewards at the end of it.

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The NET server has players from US/EU/AUS. It's really hard to find a suitable time span for everyone. We think that a late EU time it's a good compromise to give the chance also to AUS and US players to be online.
Than would be good to consider that not always same worlds have same battle start.
so far we had 3 Awesomia battles dug by "Henry". On first battle, for all servers they started within few minutes. Nest two battles had designated start time, same on both times.

If you're so keen to indulge all around than shift up battle start time for all game worlds.... Why should Arizona always start 22.00, Briscoe 22.30.... give Arizona midnight start also! Brisco also.... same for other worlds!

PROPOSITION: IF world A today starts at 22.00, tmrw it should be 22.30 , day after 23.00 and so on for this world and all rest