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Lily of the Valley

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Dear cowboys and cowgirls,

It's time to make yourself ready for a big war! Gather all your people and come up with the best strategic plans! For some time now we had a request for an eventserver and now it's time to make that idea a reality! So keep reading and make sure that you are there!


General settings and information
General settings:
  • Start: 15-03-2023 during the day (random time between 12:00 and 16:00)
  • End: 29-03-2023 12:00
  • Premium settings: Everyone will have full VIP during the event
  • Pre-registration is required to participate, there are 300 spaces. The registration order matters. You can pre-registrate by sending a support ticket. Please let us know in this ticket:
    • If you are willing to lead battles
    • If you are willing to lead a team/town (there will be a voting in the first day when the server opens who actually will lead)
    • You can name 2 people you want to be on the same team on (we can't guarantee you will be on the same team, but we will do our best)
  • If you sign up to be a town leader, you will be put into a poll. Every team has it's own poll and the players of that side can vote who they want as their leader. The player with the most votes gets a black hat and can pick his/her crew (max 3 extra people). The responsibilities of the town leader(s) are:
    • Make sure there is a battle leader every time (they can (but don't have to) lead battles themselves as well)
    • Oversees the general ruling in the town (fort building, dividing clothes and stuff like that (can be delegated of course))
    • The town leader is for the GMs the first contact person about the town
  • You can pre-registate until 2023-03-15 at 12:00 CET. After that you will be unable to join the server.
  • Bank transfer: Disabled
  • Traveling fair: Enabled, pre-built - only with bonds
  • Town settings:
    • Town limit: 150
    • Towns can be left: Inactive
    • Trading: allowed within your town
    • Alliances: not allowed
  • When the server opens you will already be in the team/town with a level 150 account and 3 Potion of a new beginning in your inventory.
Premium features:

  • Automation: Active
  • Character Bonus: Active
  • Higher income: Active
  • More energy: Active
  • Higher speed: Active
  • Cash deposit: Inactive
  • Refill energy: Inactive
  • Product purchase: Inactive
  • Complete job instantly: Inactive
  • Halfway traveling time: Inactive
  • Travelling merchant change offer: Inactive
  • Immediate delivery (sell and buy): Inactive
  • Item upgrade: Inactive
  • Purchase skill and attribute points: Inactive
  • Placate Shaman: Inactive

+1200% Money from jobs
+200% Luck at jobs
+600% Drop chance
+10000% speed
+1000% Energy regeneration
+1000% Health regeneration
+500% Work motivation
+100% Duel motivation
+200% Labor points
Cancel duel protection: 2 hours
Duel protection expires: 48 hours

Note: If it turns out it's better to adjust some bonusses, we are free to change these. Of course you will be notified of this.

UP SHOP Settings:
  • All items can be purchased with Dollars and Bonds.
  • There will be no extra items in the shop (set items will be removed)
  • There will be a discount in the shop for reskill potions

Fort Battles
There will be 10 Fort Battles, both teams will play 5 times defence and 5 times attack. For every round they will receive points:
  • The winning team will receive three points if it wins a fight by killing every enemy, regardless if it is playing as the Attacker or as the Defender.
  • The winning team will receive two points if it wins a fight by capturing the flag or holding the fort over the course of 55 rounds.
At the end, the team with the most points will win.

In the event of a tie the team with the most combined survivors from all battles will be declared the winner. If both sides have the same number of survivors total combined surviving HP will be used.

When will the battles take place:
In every town there will also be a moderator who will start the battles.
  • 17-03-2023 North attack - South deff 21:00
  • 18-03-2023 South attack - North deff 22:00
  • 19-03-2023 North attack - South deff 21:00 (on request of the teamleaders we moved this one up by 1 hour)
  • 21-03-2023 South attack - North deff 21:30
  • 22-03-2023 North attack - South deff 20:30
  • 24-03-2023 South attack - North deff 21:00
  • 25-03-2023 North attack - South deff 22:00
  • 26-03-2023 South attack - North deff 20:00
  • 27-03-2023 North attack - South deff 21:30
  • 28-03-2023 South attack - North deff 20:30

Each member of the winning town will receive:
  • 200 Bonds
  • Fort Battle Shirt
Each member of the losing town will receive:
  • 100 Bonds
  • Fort Kit

We will choose randomly from all players who have been online more than 8 battles:
  • Choose any set from previous event 2013-2022
  • Old avatar
  • 1000 Bonds
  • 20 x 100 Nuggets

The leaders will receive a secret reward!


You need to attend 8 battles (doesn't have to be online) to receive rewards. You can not obtain prizes if you don't listen to battle-leaders (as reported by at least two town leaders or battle leaders), or you come in improper battles clothes on 2 or more occasions (as reported by a battle or town leader and verified by GMs).

Event Rules
  1. The general contest rules, game rules and the General Terms and Conditions apply to this server, together with additional special event rules during the competition period, which is between 15-03-2023 and 29-03-2023.
  2. These policies, descriptions and rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.
  3. The Speed Server is a temporary world, please keep in mind that once an event has ended, character data will be lost without refunds or compensation being provided.
  4. Players breaking in-game or event rules can be banned permanently from the event.
  5. Participants who will receive an in-game permanent ban during the event will be disqualified. Disqualified players will not receive any reward, which then will be awarded to the next highest position.
  6. Fort Battles: In order to keep the ranking fair, players are not allowed to declare Fort Battles. All fort battles will be started by moderators.
  7. Creating alliances or trading with players outside of your town is not allowed.
  8. The player will not be removed from the town in case of a ban.
  9. Violations can still be investigated and punished after the server has been closed.
Feedback and questions

Would you have any questions or feedback, feel free to share them in the discussion thread!

Your The West Team
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The West Team
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Dear cowboys and cowgirls,

The server is open! The pre-registration is closed, but we open late-registration. 155 players has registered so far.

The Fort Limits will be the following:
Small: 46vs42
Medium: 74vs66
Large: 130vs120

You will be able to fight in all 3 types of Forts! You can find out about the fort type when the battle is declared!

We keep the registration open for late-commers!
  • You can still register by sending a ticket until 2023-03-17 15:00 CEST.
  • Your account will be created in a timely manner, but at most within 24 hours and before the first battle starts.
  • Please note that for late-commers the items and the VIP bonus will be granted after the registration period.
  • You will be signed randomly to one town. You will not be able to pick your teammates.

Premium settings:
We activated option to change offer in the Shop for 5 Nuggets.

We wish you good luck!

Your The West Team

Lily of the Valley

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You may submit a ticket to change your class provided you submit the request within 8 hours of choosing the class, and no later than when late registration closes (17-03 15:00). You will be set back to Greenhorn and can pick again (later).

Warning: if you begin the character class quests prior to the class change, those quests may not work properly and you may lose out on the opportunity to complete and gain the rewards from those quests

Lily of the Valley

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If you are left out of a battle because all spaces were full, that still counts as attending the battle, provided you submit a ticket with a link or screenshot to the report. If the ticket is submitted during the battle it will count as being online for the battle.

Lily of the Valley

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GameMaster Deadeye Jerry will be joining the attacks no matter which side attacks. The character will be adventurer with full tank build. Preferably the character to be ranked as a reservist so it doesn't take a spot from the attackers who already signed up.
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