Website Simple duel reporting for town forums

Lenny Doyle

Really simple, minimalistic duel report convertor for town forums...
It's meant to help townsmen to exchange duel intel on foes and arch enemies :p (where they aim and how they dodge)

-Lenny Doyle


yeah... there already is a way to share duels...
but it's kinda cool if all you want to know are the aims and you want to check on them quick(without wanting to open a report). this is confortable to read, the one in the game is confortable at everything.


I'm interested if it were available in other languages.

Lenny Doyle

This is not needed, since we can already share duels ingame.
Indeed.. I was late on writing this ... but In my mind it's easier and more straight forward to exchange the intel... with the ingame report sharing.. You have to first change the permissions of the duels, then copy the links (one-by-one if I remember correctly)... then when viewing.. again You have to click, scroll, count the rounds.. and again.. only one duel at a time... I feel the strongest feature of my duel reporting is that You can generate multiple reports at once and when viewing .. again all those reports are side by side and easy to view.. so when setting aims and dodges You can figure out "batch" setting :)

Anyway I hope some of You will find it useful :)


Maybe there would be a way to import duels easier? Like in Westforts we can import fort battles with just one click.