server clock


could they change the color of the time to a white or at least to a color that doesn't blend in so well with the black background like the gray does. or is there a way i can change it myself without adjusting my gamma settings


cry baby, you cant eat your cake too

no not cry baby but see it as a oversight that the gray text was going on the black background and maybe you missed the part where i asked is there a way i could change my text color for it

a cry baby would just throw a fit and make ignorants statements till he got his way


It's not the real time either it's some kind of weird plus or minus alien time.


yeah i thought it was server time and is also the same as in tribal wars(TW) which is a -1 gmt
it just nice to have a clock thats the same for everybody so if there is something to happen at a set time we can use that without any possible confusion
well for most people that is


One Armed Ninja, docmed, please stop fighting?! You're going to ruin Jiminy Cricket's Xmas.... ;)

One Armed Ninja

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That was Christmas Eve, (still is where im from)
Anyway how is it fighting, the word fighting suggestied that we had goes at each other multiple times yet i obvioulsly only posted one and the little smiley at the end show its in good humour
P.s I know you doing sarcasm, just trying to give a "reasonable" response


I guess those with a low contrast monitor and rubbish lighting will have trouble seeing it. I wonder if it's meant to be subtle but there?