Rejected Sell items you get from chest back for half the bond/nugget value of the chest

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Would you like this proposal implemented?

  • Yes

    Votes: 131 75.3%
  • No

    Votes: 43 24.7%

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Ofc I am waiting to see you voting here or at least to use the right of vote. ;)
I only vote on ideas I have a strong feeling on, either pro or con.

This idea is one I really don't care about whether or not it passes or not. If I did vote, I'd probably vote No for a couple of reasons.

1) The adjust the content of premium chests idea has already passed, we will see if they implement that idea. I think that is a better idea for limiting unwanted items.
2) I think premium chests are an item that only a minority of players purchase and would rather have the developers work on ideas that would benefit more players.
3) I think that it will be a little bit more complicated than people think to implement than people think as Inno will have to keep track of additional information / handle intermediate state information depending on which of the discussion methods for implementation they choose.
4) I don't think it will get implemented even if it passes.
5) If it did get implemented, 5 minutes later people would be complaining about why don't Steel Chest, Junk Chests, ...... are not also changed this way.


Hmm.. Caleb, you may be right. There are many reason this idea wont take 80%. These cuz of 37 of No, and many reason you numbered. Also there are over 104 votes that say it could work and x3 how it could work.

For me its easy to declined a proposal. Can find many negatives things. But its hard to work on a proposal that you think it would work.

On the original idea, you set an alternative option of how could this work. I add it. That was in the right way of developing the game.

This proposal and this one show us that something may change next months so as 25% to respect the votes of 75%.. If 25% decide what is gonna happened to 75% ofc thats cant be called fair voting process.
And if its needed to be changed it will.



This poll will close on 17.01.14 at 22:22.. 1 hour left. So Everyone is Welcome to vote!

Still time to get 80%!
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how do u get these free chests that monitor talks about for being in forum?
im in world 6 and 12


You are in wrong topic Wakokid.
This Poll come to an end. Congrats to all who voted.
more than 3/4 voted yes.. and cant remember when last time 131 voted in a massive way.
All i know is that 24,7% cant decide about 75,3%.. in every democracy is needed 51% or 75%.. not here..

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Unfortunately this proposal has not been successful in reaching 80% pass mark and it will be rejected. Better luck next time.
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