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All good things must eventually come to an end,and so my days in The West are numbered,before I ride into the sunset though I would like to make a final contribution to a couple of players from the group that has given so much of their time to the community,namely script writers,web site owners and/or forums mods.In the past there has been at least a couple of occasions where script writers/website owners couldn't test features of their product simply because they didn't have a high level character to do the testing with.I want to help with that.

So then I will be giving away 2 accounts to 2 players,simply post here your reason why you think you should have a high level account,in a week or 2 I will send the 2 players I picked my accounts.I wish you good luck.Post away !

Must post in this thread.
Must be a script or an external site(The west related) owner or forum mod (if none of these guys want/need then any player can apply)
Must not have a character in w11/w12/w13 (or be willing to delete your existing character)

Account details:
A>Prime account w11,w12,w13(international): 2 characters level 104, at the moment ranked 1st in w12 and ranked 2nd in Arizona (although it might change by the time you get account),1 character lvl 98 in w11.

B>Beta world account,level 96 dueler with zero duels lol (test character) currently specced for trade skill.

All characters have extra bought skills and attributes(not a huge amount),main account still has at least 5000 unspent nuggets,beta account around 2000.

Da Twista

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Wow nice characters you giving away here. I can see a lot of posts coming through on this thread shortly. Good luck!


Nice thing to do Saltin ;).. I would be interested in one of your acc on .Net server as I play beta.

Cheers buddy
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