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Welcome to The West forums!

Before posting please be sure to read and understand the Forum Rules. If you have any questions regarding the forum or forum rules you can PM a moderator.

Here is a quick breakdown of the forums:

You are currently viewing the World 11 forum. As stated above it is for discussion relating to World 11, this means discussing topics such as town alliances, duelling, P&P (Politics and Propaganda, see below), etc. However please be aware questions about the game have their own forum and town recruitment has it's own sub forum.



P&P stands for Politics and Propaganda, in a nutshell it is world specific RPing. A thread becomes P&P when a thread starter or moderator adds the P&P prefix to a thread.

The idea of P&P is to post (in character) about ongoing conflicts in the attempt to spread information, ideas and even rumours in order to help yourself or harm your opponents. P&P can be a valuable tool on the forums and bring a new element to the game.
Your opponent can use the same tactics for the same means. P&P can also be great fun for those who participate.

P&P is NOT a way to get around rules restricting personal attacks and flames. All insults must strictly be in character. Also P&P is NOT an excuse for going off-topic and spam, neither shall no longer be tolerated.


  • "" are cowards because they camp in our hotel and only hit our unarmed workers.
  • "" cries like babies every time they gets duelled.
  • "" is full of noobs who can't shoot straight.
  • "" uses join us or else mob tactics.
  • Images to emphasise a point or poke fun.
  • "" has a court ordered psychiatrist and really needs to get a life.
  • "" is racist.


Off-topic / Spam

Each thread should be given an appropriate topic as it's title. This topic is to remain the focus of the thread. "Hijacking" a thread by attempting to randomly change the topic or "derailing" a thread by means of spam is forbidden.

Please post answers/comments that are relevant and relate/refer to the thread topic. If someone before you goes off-topic or begins spamming please do not do the same! You always have the option to create a new thread if your post does not suit any existing topics. This allows discussions to be serious and informative as well as enjoyable for all the participants.

If you cannot post a sensible answer it is better to avoid saying anything. This is particularly true for public flaming and one word posts. Neither contribute to the discussion and are simply a nuisance for other users and moderators.

To avoid repetition of arguments, especially in long discussions, you should always read the whole topic before posting. If you are posting a question or a suggestion it is highly likely to have been brought up before, and it becomes tiresome to re-explain these points every few pages.

The same is true before posting new topics. Please search for similar existing topics before creating a new one, as this helps to keep the forums clean and enjoyable.
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