RAM overload when running the game


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Hey guys,

As it goes, I use Opera browser, a pretty reliable browser. I open up around six worlds at the same time in the same browser, and many times, my computer goes and crashes completely. Other times I open task manager and observe the browser is consuming an unusual amount of RAM. which precipitated the crashes. At the time, no other background programs were running and it was simply my browser alone.

I wanted to ask if this is normal for the game to use up a lot of RAM, and that opening multiple worlds will lead to overloads when running. Or is it some other problem with my computer that needs to be resolved?


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Depending on your computer specs, 6 tabs of the-west can be a lot :)
I, myself, experience a bit of lag when I open more than 3...


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As the game progresses, the RAM consumption will most likely increases. I can hardly do three but I have only 4 GB of Ram.... :D


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You can always download more ram. /s

Try changing using Mozilla Firefox. Most Chromium browsers (not even sure why you picked Opera out of all of them) are known to use a high amount of RAM memory. The game itself should (don't quote me on that, I havent logged in months) not use a high amount of memory, as it barely loads a few assets.