Quest "Meeting Mr Brown"

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OK I live in the Central time zone according to my calculations

"he shows up there every night at (Game time) 19:00 (12am Central) to the minute. After dinner he drinks a bottle of whiskey and by (Game time)21:00 (2pm Central) he's usually completely hammered. At around(Game time) 23:00 (4pm Central) he leaves the diner."

I have looked on the map for the little white dot for 3 days on these hours and have not found it yet!!!
Am I not in the right time or am I doing something else wrong???? please any help is welcome


Your times are correct (although 19:00 would be 12:00 pm, but you know it's supposed to be noon). Where are you looking? He should be in the 3rd row of the 6th column, IIRC (although it might vary by world - I've done w7 and Beta). You accepted the quest from the sheriff first?


Maybe you accidently clicked on "white dot" on your map while you were looking and thats why you can't find it. Are you doing the East To West thing?