Presents & whos got ripped off the most ?

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As the thread says.

How badly have you been ripped off and have you paid for the pleasure in real hard nuggets ?

Come on don't be shy lets hear them :D

I can't complain fancy coat and fancy pistol belt in my 2 steel paid with in game cash so im down about 65K was expecting it tho.

What about you ?


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From the 2 steel I got Fancy Dress Coat and Huckleberry's Plain Pants used nuggets.

I will pass on the premium ones if the price have been 1/3 of what it is I would probably have bought the big package but looking at the youtube video it seems like there is 40% chance of getting an item like Bowies, potion or bob builders and paying 1000 nuggets and risk getting Bowies is not worth it for me.


Got a sign from 2 steel - congratulation, you are pure idiot who spend 100 000 for 20k items.


haha I won key 3 from a stocking :) no nuggets 5000
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Not too bad actually, received a fake gold rifle in mine....real cash(well, in game cash)...sigh, now I am broke.


25 k for a fancy wool belt ,,,i think i win

this is what happens when you release a mmorpg or whatever there called into a flooded market and try n fund it off your old games

lol,,its just gets beyond a joke


spent 25k for black shorts woooooooo. thanks for the crappy present Inno.


Fancy skull belt
Fancy pistol belt
Cody's dagger
Precise coach gun
Athos' foil
Allen's pepperbox
Fancy boots
Fancy cotton jacket

Rare products:
Horse brush
Uncut diamond
Rodeo trophy
Song book
A couple other "rare" items

Not going to bother with premium boxes.

Why would anyone pay $25k for iron? You're ripped off before you open it. There's only about one item worth $25k you can get from an iron box.

Lord Melnkor

Eh, I work for my money, so I wont give it to inno for nothing.

I only bought the things up to the 2 steels. I dont even remember what i got for my wood but i got black plaid pants from the iron, and fancy jeans and a precise pepper gun from the steels.

Paid $140k to make $26k?


Premium chest:
Harmonica's knee-breeches

Steel chests:
Fancy dress coat
Fancy jeans

Common product bag:
Poker cards

Rare product boxes:
Tool box

My common product is rarer than my "rare" ones :laugh:


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Invested $11000 on one server and:
- wooden box -> black poncho;
- Christmas present -> one marzipan potato;
- Box with a rare product -> spade;
(max $1500 the value)

Here on .net invested only $16000 but I prefer to keep the boxes without opening for collection, they worth much more then when you open :)


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I got the steel boxes in 10 worlds and only thing worth mentioning is annie oakleys pants. From the bag with rare items piece of note 3 (finally got it the world where i messed up the quest) and horse brush. Put together everything i spent on presets was over 1 million from 11 worlds (w3,w4,w5,w6,w7,w8,w9,w10,w12,w14,w15). Was wise enough to not get them in the other 3 worlds i play here.


They shouldn't call it presents, it's gambling pure and simple. I got a railroad ticket from a bag that said it had a rare item.


I bought all the boxes:

Athos Foil
Grants Saber
Tashunkas Tomahawk
Counterfit Golden Rifle
2 X Potion of New Beginning
Fancy Pistol Belt
Harmonicas Knee Breeches
Key 2
Blue Jeans

And then some other crappy stuff


3 years, 3 months since I started and I've never been so disappointed and annoyed at this game. costs of presents were ridiculously high for absolutely nothing. sure the lucky few got some goodies, like diggo and mattaus above, but this was a complete rip off for the majority of players.

$100,000 - fancy leather pants & drake's muzzle loader
$25,000 - black cotton shoes
$5,000 - pilgrim dress shoes
$5,000 - piece of note part 1
$1000 - 1 oat
$1000 - 1 newspaper

There should have been some minimum threshold for the value of items you could have gotten from each present. I'm still fuming over $25000 for black cotton shoes ($170 value). Everything more than the $5000 presents were ridiculously overpriced for what you most likely could get out of them.
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Jealous! :eek: Did find myself the third key and Billy's Peacemaker though, can't complain with that.
Hmm... CM... finding THOSE items??? Suspicious... *narrows eyes speculatively*

I bought a couple of the three rare box and unique box combo... ended up with Boone's Axe... OH! and the Golden Ass! Rest was engh... by worst find was an iron box with the black headband in it... and a marble in one of the presents. Yay...

Lord Melnkor

I wonder what the devs think after all this.. Do they look it it and go, "oh good, it looks like it worked" and sit back and count their money. Or do they think "oh shoot we dun goofed!"

I'm going with #1.....


maybe they just sell key3 for good. Oh wait, I have an idea. How about a box only contain named items? 5000 nuggetsfor it:)
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