Pic One-Up


This game is rather simple, but can be visually entertaining. The goal is to one-up the picture posted previously. An example is to post a pic of a knife, and the next person one-ups by posting a pic of a pistol (taking a knife to a gunfight).

Please include text to go along with your one-up. :)

Note: Please remember the pic-size rule - No larger than 640x480. Also, a little common sense please --- check your pic links, with preview, before posting. text-based URL links are not acceptable, especially dead URL links. We want Pics, linked or uploaded, but especially checked first, to ensure they can be linked.

If in doubt, I recommend creating or finding a pic, uploading it to your Photobucket account, and linking from there.

Here are some picture resizing sites, for quick resizing of your oversized pictures:




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Alright, i'll start it out:

A cute ******* chicky



You just knew someone would bring in the Japanese whalers did`nt you


Since we got introduced to Romans, what's better than a Ballista?



What about Mr. Rogers?

(Don't get it? Watch the Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny.)


That Mariogold crap doesn't work for me. My AV blocks it. Try again with a direct link instead of linking through a proxy. :p


This is what I found when I searched for ''eats cats'.

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Aye, i agree. A winking dog does pwn Palin. Okay, how about a winking flea?