Resolved P&P



P&P stands for Politics and Propaganda

The idea of P&P is to post about ongoing conflicts in the attempt to spread information, ideas and even rumors in order to help yourself or harm your opponents. P&P can be a valuable tool on the forums and bring a new element to the game.

All P&P should be done in character. No personal attacks or flaming are allowed.


Player Joe is a coward because he camps in our hotel and only hits our unarmed workers.
Player Joe cries like a baby every time he gets dueled.
Town Metropolis is full of noobs who can't shoot straight
Empire Z uses join us or else mob tactics.
Images to emphasize a point or poke fun
Player Joe has a court ordered psychiatrist and really needs to get a life.
Player Joe is racist

PnP can be great fun for those who participate. If used properly you can rally support for your side and turn those against you into allies. It can also cast a light on your opponent that the rest of the world is not aware of. Your opponent can use the same tactics for the same means.

The thread starter can designate the thread is PnP by adding the PnP prefix to the original post. Once a thread has been designated PnP all posters are to remain in character and post within the spirit of the thread. Staff has the right to delete any thread designated as PnP that does not conform to the rules and infract if necessary.
From the Forum Rules ;)