P&P Revenge requested


Ahoy Chummers,
I hereby deem Pjimp a coward and a threat to deent law abiding builders.

All I do is build. Period. ok, sometimes I whine. And when a gyu 10 levels higher hits an unarmed builder, I whine.

Aside from that I tend to build, shops, saloons, hot tubs, and the occasional Golf Course (by the dev's seemto ignore those requests).

Anyway, should anyone wish to avenge me, I also do additions, like garages, spare bedroom, and secret rooms in forts and, on occasion travel to help others build.


President and CEO,
Drive-By Builders, LLC


Getting a whine post in the forum is way better than getting a whinemail:D
Good job pjimp;)
I wish i could get a post too:)


oh sure...wheres MY congrats for posting it??!!?

ya know these things take skill, you cant just spontaneously whine and still sound somewhat credible. There is planning, strategy, meetings, luncheons, pizzas, and of course...beer.

yeah, right, I didn't really believe it either.

crying sistill crying, even after 14 worlds, but if its your only weapon...use it!

besides, some folks are looking for a reason to grief someone, and this is the WEST, revenge is as good a reason as any.

sigh sadly, so is trying to get your own "kill him" post, ;)

its still a fun game, even if I can't be the only winner!


Well from my point of view, Pjimp is a really good dueller, he does as I do, we don't care if you are a builder, dueler, soldier or adventurer, we duel whoever gets on our list (except if they got golden weapons I guess) if not golden, meh, duel that guy...