Opening multiple chests at once


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With the new job lead trade office giving bags as products, it is tedious to open 50+ bags one at a time. So i propose to allow players to open multiple bags at once.

Current workaround
Opening one bag at a time.

When you would click on a bag,it would open a popup similar to when someone is selling an item to the wandering trader. It would show how many bags you would want to open, and such.

Abuse prevention

Visual Aid
I lack the skill to even attempt it :( (imagination in this case would suffice)

This idea would benefit all who would want to open multiple bags at once, and prevent the game from stopping you when you do too many actions at once

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no ,there is convenience and there is plain laziness.
I don't think enough people would have multiple chests to justify developers spending even an hour on this.


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Even as a pure trader doing a silver 'Leading trade office' job you can only get 2 product bags per hour, so it will take quite a while to collect a large number of bags. Just open them regulary and you'll be fine.

Dizzy Dee

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Call it laziness but after few months after regulary doing LTO job i ended up with +100 bags on several worlds.
At this point the proposed idea seems much better from my point of view. Dont think there is too much programing to do if this idea would pass and it would be a big help for "lazy" players.


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Agreed Dee. I have almost 200 of those. Only opening those of LTO would be fair for multiple so i welcome this idea.


On the other hand when you were gathering eggs or hears for the valentine and easter events, you ended up with the same boring click and confirm and get disappointed message like with oppening the bags. No-one is forcing you to accumulate 200+ bags and open them at once. This proposal would be useful, but in all honestly, there is 0.001 chance of implementation, especially with the current way of us asking about things to be changed and being more or less ignored.


Overall, we need to click a lot!

to open a bag you need to click:
- on the bag
- yes/no
- //you get OK

to initiate a duel for easter:

- on the duel button
(- ok to duel?) not sure about this
- confirm payment, eggs/nuggs
- OK for prize
- close duel tab

It's a good idea because i really get annoyed of all these clicks...


...especially with the current way of us asking about things to be changed and being more or less ignored.
I have to do a laugh/DOH/forehead slap at this. Why does the idea section even exist? To have something to talk about?!? ;)

OK, I know developers are BUSY. I get it. But this community is like a giant QA department, giving tips/advice/gameplay enhancements for free. Yet, it does feel like we get ignored, so it does make me wonder, 'what's the point'? :blink:

I'll still submit an idea here and there, just find it funny that even you would admit 'I'm feeling a little ignored here'. :p

Dizzy Dee

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update on bags from LTO:
you can position the inventory window that way that it is posibble to check both popup windows without moving the mouse. even the multi-click protection wont appear so in tests i opened 100+ bags in 2 min.