NON-Western Sets

Who had the idea to give us these bizarre clothing sets? Carnival Dancer? Bonnie and freaking Clyde? I'm fine with players who will wear female clothing for the bonuses. There are literally thousands of amazing characters available from the American West to choose from. I have no problem with the international sets as long as they have some relation to the American West or at least belong in the same general time period. This game is already rife with insane anachronisms and just plain mistakes. I'm not demanding total historical accuracy but you don't have to be a historian to see blatant errors. There are differences between a rifle and a shotgun and a musket. What's next? The Viking set? Because technically the Vikings did appear briefly in North America. The latest craze of Colonial American sets is weird enough. Release some update sets to make the old sets usable. Whoever had the idea to update the Indian set deserves a raise. Must be a new employee. Instead of "The Intrepid Zeppelin Commander" how about Jim Bridger or Daniel Boone or even Hugh Glass. I'm sure American History is not at the top of German elementary school curriculum but um...Google?