nickship is a cheater


nickship is a cheater if u gave him anything try and get it back as soon as u can because he won't give it back to you as he took munny riffle from me on loan in colorodo and kept it with him for months and when i asked him back he is been avoiding me for past two weeks when i seen him online and wishper him he logoff from the world but remains online in other worlds.

So this a warning to all to be wary of him i lost too many items like this but its about time i do something like this as i am not going to loose any items like this any more not going to leand anything to anyone any more.

that is the mail conversation i had he deleted instead of replying me.

Got my munny gun back finally.
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sounds a lot like
rust666/LoneRenegade/Obogtrotter.... except he did it with a howdah