next Holiday quests


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*The next Holiday quest is coming, I better stock on products*

hehe, its a little idea I thought of,
you should start stocking on products. ie those turkeys!:blink:

so, post your guesses what the next piece of the Holiday set!:up:


And pickaxes and note part 2 ........................ :eek:

Could be pumpkin shoes as the reward ............
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Could be but I doubt it because we already have the snowman's hat... ;)


Originally Posted by OtisAllen
it will be nice if its a candy gun(left hand)

what do you think its damage rage will be?

I reckon it would be sweet!! :D


Come on Lightsaber melee weapon! (fingers crossed) :D


maybe shoes? witches, warlocks shoes.. something to do with the west and Halloween.. pumpkiin shoes?!
maybe it's for the torso.. hmmm maybe a ghost sheet? or witch outfit? the pink tutu;)?
p.s. does anyone know how to get that pink tutu? what's the deal with that?

I hate collecting turkey! grrrr!