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Idea title: Hosting a generic PvP event on the Event Server to test increased skill point allocation and its effect on PvP

Details of idea: This is a follow-up up on my post about increasing the amount of skill and attribute points awarded per-level, to offset clothing bonus power creep - And with the impending dread of the level cap increase coming up, I strongly think it's time to start looking for ways we can make Forts, Duels and Adventures competitive and fun again.

It is my opinion that the single biggest contributing factor to PvP no longer functioning properly, is that gear gives too many skill points compared to our characters levels. Skill allocation matters less than what gear your character is wearing - which is counter-productive in a Role-Playing Game, when everyone can fill any role just by changing clothes.

I think the most effective way to test large-scale changes is with the events server ( - as Beta is a fully monetised production world now, it can't function as a proper test environment.

So, I'm calling for a generic PvP contest with the subtext of testing two specific things;
1- Increase the number of Skill points awarded per-level, from 3 to 30, and Attributes from 1 to 3.
2- reverting to the post-IFBC fort battle formula changes to prevent 40k tanks and non-diminishing damage in fort battles.

I'd like to see if the duel formula works when our skill placement actually matters - like the good old days.
I'd like to see if the post-IFBC formula changes hold up to increased SP/AP values - because I still think those changes should have been made permanent.

Everyone starts at level 150 (or is otherwise given the means to reach 150 quickly). All tombola sets available in the SHOP via their boxes for like $1 each. Experiment runs for 1 week.
Have some prizes for duels, some prizes for forts and some prizes for adventures to be awarded on a world of the winners' choice.
Make it clear that the main purpose of the event is to test future PvP fixes, not necessarily the gameplay of the event itself.

It's also an opportunity to note all the instances where increasing skill points allocation would require further changes (such as quest rewards and job difficulty).

I don't know how to make Adventures fun, sorry.

Reasons for submitting: Preparation for fixing PvP after the level-increase, this will have massive implications on the already non-functioning PvP.
It's something productive and potentially positive to do while we are in the content dead zone, while waiting for said level cap increase.
Honestly I'm just really sad that they've decided to go ahead with the level cap update instead of trying to fix the parts of this game that made it fun, so any kind of effort might just keep the fires of hope alive for the majority of us who don't find church building an engaging gameplay experience.

New damage formula
1 + max(0, (min(skill1, leadership, aiming)^0.8 + median(skill1, leadership, aiming)^0.7 + max(skill1, leadership, aiming)^0.6 − |maxHealth ÷ 10 − mean(skill1, leadership, aiming)|^0.6) ÷ 400 )

New resistance formula
1 + max(0, (min(skill1, leadership, dodging)^0.8 + median(skill1, leadership, dodging)^0.7 + max(skill1, leadership, dodging)^0.6 − |maxHealth ÷ 10 − mean(skill1, leadership, dodging)|^0.6) ÷ 3
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I’ll add that one potential mechanism for this in the long run is the ability to award skill points in fort battles. Instead of giving everyone a bunch of skill points at the start We could run it for 90 days with awesomia battles every 25h and award, say, 50 points per battle in a random non-FF, non-dueling non-building skill.

This could potentially convince inno of the merits of adding a large budget of skill points to the awards pools to implement this concept organically Through the CMs without a dev commitment