Newb,just hit lvl 15 :)


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Found this game about two days ago and i'm enjoying it,went for soldier and have posted a looking for town ad in the Colarado section.

I'm thinking of next week buying some stuff,but at my lvl it seems the VIP bonus that looks best,is there another "subscription" service I am not seeing ?

Also is there anything else you would recommend getting at my lvl ?

Also,i have tried,but no one seems to answer in the saloon chat,are they all in Town Chat or something ?

Thank you for reading and any advice :)
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Welcome to the game, I'm glad you're liking it :)

Yes, if you can buy it, the VIP bonus is awesome to have. If used properly, it can help you level up really fast. Apart from that, there aren't other things I would recommend. Occasionally they sell useful items and sets for nuggets, and you can buy these and either use them for yourself or sell for plenty of money. The money you can then use to buy better gear, which will help you level up faster. But, at the moment, nothing good is up for sale, these offers are mostly seasonal

With regards to the saloon chat, there are two saloons usually and one is more active than the other and you may have landed up in the less active saloon and, ofc - there are times when things are more active and other times when most of the players are sleeping.


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save your ingame money till you are level 40 (should be easy to do in a week with proper institution) save your real world money for the events where they sell nugget exclusive powerful items like golden saddle, generally save your real world money for the events because there is usually some "buy nuggets today get fireworks/pretzlez/etc with them" deals or "if black friday, buy X nuggets and get a set of items with them"